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Oct 14, 2006 06:15 PM

Burrito/Taco Stand in DC or MD area

We recently moved to the area from Arizona, and are desparately looking for a Taco or Burrito Stand. In AZ we relied on these eateries for breakfast or dinner a few days a week and miss it terribly. Ambiance is not important, I just want a yummy breakfast burrito! Thanks

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  1. Welcome to the area. First thing to know is that you're going to be hard pressed to find what you're familiar with. That aside, there are some great offerings here. Most "Mexican", especially tacquerias are run by those from northern South American through southern Mexico.

    Probably the three places you want to start with first are:
    - TECC (El Charrito Caminante) in Arlington by the 7-11 near pershing and washington blvd. Most people here think he is not Mexican, though years ago he was in a taco truck and told me every year that he was heading home to Mexico for his annual vacation. I think he's from southern Mexico, so the style is closer to central american styles for most people.

    - Pepito's with two locations; in Adams Morgan on Columbia Rd across from the Safeway, and in Gaithersburg, MD

    - "Little Mexico" in Bladensburg, MD (south of College Park) though most of these are more sit down affairs.

    If you are wanting to check out some of the Salvadoran/Guatemalan, etc, Wheaton has a few great offerings, including my fave El Pulgarcito.

    Here is a link to a previous post covering a few of the "Little Mexico" places:

    1. I am a fan of Taqueria El Charrito Caminante in Arlington and Taqueria Distrito Federal in Columbia Heights. Both have goat tacos, chorizo tacos, etc... TECC does have pupusas since most DC area mexican places do seem to cator to the huge Salvadorean population. Distrito Federal does not have pupusas. TECC has no tables, but two counters and some stools, while Distrito has a few tables as well as counters and stools.

      1. La Placita in the Little Mexico area of Prince George's County (MD) is one of the few serious places in Maryland. Exceptional tacos al pastor. I think you'll be disappointed in the DC options.

        1. Pepitos in Adams Morgan is as aunthentic as you're going to get for good, cheap, take out, taco-stand style Mexican.

          1. Try Taqueria Tres Reyes II and El Tapatio in Blandensburg/Riverdale. El Tapatio has liver tacos. The staff at Tres Reyes often don't speak English. I'm an Angeleno and miss my real Mexican food.