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Oct 14, 2006 04:39 PM

Lunch in Orange/Anaheim

My wife and I are dropping off our baby at my parents in Orange on Sunday and are going to the movies for the first time in a year. We would aslo like to have lunch.The nearest theatre is Century Stadium 25 on Katella near The Arrowhead Pond. It has to be something close by as we wont have much time for lunch and the movie.

All types of cuisine and no price range.


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  1. cdmedici,

    I'm sure you've been to King's Fish House - part of the Water Grill family. There is a branch right on the Century 25 Stadium parking lot.

    If you haven't been, it's actually quite good. Try their Steamed Clams and/or Mussels.

    Here are photos I took of the food of the one in Laguna Hills.

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    1. re: elmomonster

      I actually have not been to King's Fish House. We usually go to Bluewater Grill when we are in the mood for non-sushi seafood because it is walking distance from our house. It looks great.

      Would you say that it rates as good our better than Bluewater?

      1. re: cdmedici

        Unfortunately, I've never been to Bluewater, so I can't compare. But King's is my choice for mid-range seafood. California Fish Grill being my choice for low-range.

    2. i 2nd king's...another option - if you are in the king's parking lot - look north you'll see a badmitton club - there is a thai restaurant inside - it's ok, especially for lunch - i have not been there in about a year - but i believe it's still there. i do not recommend jt schmidts ( across from the pond ) - just ate there last week - it was average at best before ( beers decent ) it's really gone down hill - poor service, did not prepare food as asked, warm at best and small servings for price.

      1. for very low-key, i've been to the Fazoli's off Katella/Glassell. Italian take-out chain that's fine. Nowhere nice as King's.

        If you had any more time, there are so many options in Old Towne Orange. I wonder if any take reservations? I mean, the first 15min of a movie is all previews anyway :)

        1. Zov's Bistro is always a popular spot and is nearby. Also, for my favorite BBQ ribs in SoCal the Tulsa Rib Company in Orange at Tustin and Collins is close by as well. Another favorite among people here on the IN is The Filling Station in downtown fact, the whole downtown Orange area is a great place to walk around and enjoy...maybe it's something you can do with your baby and parents.

          Enjoy your day...hope it's a good movie!

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          1. re: RSMBob

            nice theatre, cheaper than the block. in the same complex is king's fish which is good and interestingly has some nola inspired dishes, but is a chain.

            tulsa rib co. is very good but you'll have to drive a few minutes.

            Zankou chicken might also be near there (but i'm not sure)

            and the filling station is great, if you an extra 20 to spare to go there and get back driving time.

            for some reason that immediate vicinity is quite dreadful for good eats. maybe your best bet is king's fish seafood.

          2. I have to agree that in the immediate vicinity, Kings is by far the winner. If you go just a bit west into Garden grove, though, you could have a terrific lunch at Thai Nakorn,
            12532 Garden Grove Blvd.
            Garden Grove, Ca 92843
            714 537 3062