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Oct 14, 2006 04:18 PM

Restaurants in Chichester

I'll be there next week and would be grateful for any recommendations. Many thanks.

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  1. Does Emsworth count? it is about 8 miles away.

    36 The Quay is high end, I have eaten there about 6 times and have been impressed. The food is very 'presented' but the cooking is usually deft and combinations successful. The wine list good and interesting.

    The bar area is underwhelming and the dining room tries a little too hard. The service is competent and friendly but not polished.

    It got panned in a Telegraph review a while ago, unfairly in my experience.

    1. Thanks for your timely reply. After a very poor pheasant at the Richmond Room at Goodwood Park last night, I'm desperate for an alternative.