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Oct 14, 2006 03:21 PM

Monday Night Dinner in Brentwood/Westwood

I'm meeting up with a group of my girl friends for dinner in Westwood/Brentwood and am looking for a place that's good and inexpensive but not a chain (like CPK). It also needs to have good parking since they're coming from the Valley. Any ideas?

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    1. The Thai place on the third level of the Brentwood Gardens mall is good and inexpensive. There's always plenty of seating for a group, and the mall has an underground parking lot. I believe they validate parking. Taiko, a Japanese place that is also on the third floor of the Brentwood Gardens mall, is also very good. The noodle dishes are inexpensive, but the sushi, while a good deal for the quality, is not cheap.

      1. Just went to A Votre Sante in west Brentwood (near the Brentwood County Barn or whatever it's called). Organic and tasty food along the lines of pasta/salads/sandwiches. I'm a vegan and they have some great options for vegetarians and vegans as well!

        I also love Taiko. Rock solid for noodle dishes and combinations, and their sushi and specials are great too!

        Both places are relatively inexpensive.
        A Votre Sante
        13016 San Vicente Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA
        (310) 451-1813

        11677 San Vicente Blvd # 302
        Los Angeles, CA
        (310) 207-7782