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Gourmet Pretzels in the Suburbs?

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I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for finding the chocolate covered pretzels with different toppings on them (nuts, etc). They are called gourmet pretzels in the stores. I have not been able to find a place that has a good varity with reasonable prices. Most of the places I have found with a nice varity charge over $1.50 per pretzel. Im looking for a place in Bucks or Montgomery County.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. This is odd location, but I was just in Maple Glen Pharmacy and they have an Ashers candy counter in the store and they had a decen selection of yummy looking choolate covered pretzels with fun toppings. I did not notice the price but I doubt they are expensive (I think sold by the lb.).

    1. Delancey Street Bagels has them at both locations, and they're pretty good. Interesting topping choices.

      1. I actually really like the variety at Clements Supermarket- by the bakery. However, not sure how they vary at each location.

        1. McCaffrey's stores sell them at their Bucks County Coffee kiosks, and they are much cheaper if you buy by the pound and not by the piece. I have also seen really nice looking ones at Scoopy Doo's off of 332 near 413. I am not sure, but it may be Newtown there. Not sure of the price.

          1. The Gladwyne Pharmacy (610-649-1100) in Gladwyne has a large variety of colorful pretzels with lots of good stuff on them. Not sure about the prices though. I believe they're well less than 1.50 per pretzel. All very good!

            1. I know this is not the area you requested, but in case you're in the neighborhood and your other options failed, try the Hallmark Card Store in the shopping center in Roxborough at the intersection of Ridge Avenue & Domino Lane. It's called Candy's Hallmark. I think it's Asher chocolate, and believe me, they are outrageously delicious!!!!

              1. I figured I would add this to the thread where I originally asked the question. I found this place in Feasterville called Snacks by the Pound. They have about 15-20 different varieties and the prices were very fair. More importantly, the gourmet chocolate covered pretzels were the best I've tasted.