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Is Boba for old fogeys like me (and you?)

Another thread started by someone jonesing for good Boba and traditional Taiwanese snacks in the same package made me wondering about the wisdom of such a December-June marriage of food.

I like small eats, particularly savory small eats, of all ethnicities and have for decades, but do NOT get Boba at all. Is it just my lack of a sweet tooth, or I just too much of a hide-bound old fogey to accept Boba? Is anyone out there over 30 crazy for Boba, or who even likes Boba?

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  1. I have an over-50 friend who loves the stuff.

    Doesn't do anything for me, but I don't like sweet drinks in general.

    1. Yeah. I'm, uh, over 30 and love boba. I loved it before it became so popular. I was at some Chinatown joint in SF and I saw some kids at the next table order it and got one.

      It was love at first slurp and chew. It is fun. It is tasty. I like the chewy tapioca. I like tapioca. I'm not so into the artificially flavored boba, but a good milk tea, green or black, with nice chewy boba on the bottom makes me happy. Don't tell me you don't like sago either?

      1. I like the chewiness (but it often isn't, enough) but not the tea. So I don't bother. More room for savories. Would I have liked it when younger? Doubt it. Didn't like sweet drinks then either.

        1. I love Boba too and am not a 30-something. I pine for my favorite Boba counter, great boba, great small bites- some of the best and tastiest and cheapest spring rolls around. There was nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a cold mango boba and an order of those rolls....right around $5 too. I knew that place would never last.

          1. I love it & am nearing 50 (not by my own choice!) Don't like the super-sweet flavors, but passion fruit or mango or a honeydew freeze is delicious. My daughter loves the super sweet green tea w/ milk & peppermint, but I'm not a fan. I also like the less sweet Boba - some places don't seem to soak it in as much brown sugar syrup. Been drinking it for years since I first found in Hawaii, but try to avoid due to all the calories...

            1. FWIW, I'm under 30 and don't love boba at all. In fact, most everyone I know has tired of the chewy balls. First of all, it's hard to find a place that achieves the perfect consistency consistently (say that five times, fast).

              I do love a perfectly blended cup of barely sweetened hot milk tea, which is also hard to find. That, with a small amount of perfect boba, is pretty much the only way I'll drink boba.

              So no, it's not just the "old fogeys" who don't get it.

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                Yeah, I'm 28 & don't understand the appeal either.

              2. I'm pretty standard -- I loved it when I was in college and shortly thereafter (what used to be called the "post-college Jagermeister years"), but now it's sickeningly sweet to me.

                1. I'm a 30-something and love boba, and most good chewy soft foods, but I also like bubble gum ice cream, which Mr. Coolbean says certifies that I'm crazy.

                  1. I think Boba is fun to drink while driving - it gives you something to do - but it is hard to find boba drinks that aren't so sweet AND thinking about all those boba-carbs going straight to my middle-aged spread just makes me shudder.

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                      WOW-I also love it when I'm driving!

                      I ask if they have any fresh fruit or even some of the frozen fruit without sugar. I then ask them to make a green tea slush with the fruit and NO added sugar. Then add the boba and the drink is fruity and not sweet.

                      1. re: liu

                        Me too. I only get the fresh fruit slushees. The powdered stuff is vile...one exception is the dried plum.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          Hello, Melanie!
                          Dried plum...where do you get that?
                          Is it a powder -- but you like it anyhow?
                          How do you order it -- with fruit or tea?

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                            It's a drink powder that tastes like the salty/sweet dried plum candy lozenges I loved as a child. Some places don't have any fresh fruit at all and that's when I'll order this as a slushee. Sometimes the drink will have an off-taste that's kind of musty.

                            1. re: Melanie Wong

                              "...that's kind of musty..." I have had it! I had it once at one of the huge Asian markets, perhaps it was HK or Hawaii Market in the SGValley. With all due respect, Melanie, it tasted like the ashtray smelled that my mother used to keep by the kitchen sink, long, long ago. Perhaps the one I had was actually bad and nothing like the dried plum that you refer to. I just had such high expectations, and it was memorably awful!

                              I really would like to give it another try, so where should I do this? Does Lollicup (Sawtelle) have it? Where else?

                    2. I "get" neither boba nor mochi, though my wife is just nuts for both. I don't think this is so much an age thing (though we're both well beyond stuff like breeding) as it is simply a matter of taste - the only thing I find interesting about boba is that the damn things ARE edible after all (and the same with mochi). I just don't find that an adequate reason to actually eat them.

                      1. im under 25 and don't really like tapioca (sorry i don't like calling it boba)... i do like many of the drinks without tapioca though.... each place makes different tapioca, and so you get different tasting pearls, you may have to find the right consistency for the tapioca as that makes a huge difference... there are some places where i don't mind it as much (harder, not gummy, no starchy taste is my favorite)

                        1. I am 39 and just tried boba for the first time. I didn't know what it was, I just went to this place called boba smoothies, cause, well, I wanted a smoothie. Heck, I just figured the place was owned by somebody named Boba... So I got these little chewy things in my drink and well, at first it was kinda like... well that's different..... and then I found myself trying to avoid eating anymore of them but they kept coming up my straw so I just endured... they just don't have much flavor to them and I have a hard time eating things without flavor.... kinda like tofu.... and I just have to say that I love tapioca pudding so I figured I would like them. Eh - - - they're just tooo plain. JT.

                          1. is this also known as bubble tea?

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                              Yes, it's also known as bubble tea and pearl tea. Same thing...