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Oct 14, 2006 01:53 PM

Is Boba for old fogeys like me (and you?)

Another thread started by someone jonesing for good Boba and traditional Taiwanese snacks in the same package made me wondering about the wisdom of such a December-June marriage of food.

I like small eats, particularly savory small eats, of all ethnicities and have for decades, but do NOT get Boba at all. Is it just my lack of a sweet tooth, or I just too much of a hide-bound old fogey to accept Boba? Is anyone out there over 30 crazy for Boba, or who even likes Boba?

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  1. I have an over-50 friend who loves the stuff.

    Doesn't do anything for me, but I don't like sweet drinks in general.

    1. Yeah. I'm, uh, over 30 and love boba. I loved it before it became so popular. I was at some Chinatown joint in SF and I saw some kids at the next table order it and got one.

      It was love at first slurp and chew. It is fun. It is tasty. I like the chewy tapioca. I like tapioca. I'm not so into the artificially flavored boba, but a good milk tea, green or black, with nice chewy boba on the bottom makes me happy. Don't tell me you don't like sago either?

      1. I like the chewiness (but it often isn't, enough) but not the tea. So I don't bother. More room for savories. Would I have liked it when younger? Doubt it. Didn't like sweet drinks then either.

        1. I love Boba too and am not a 30-something. I pine for my favorite Boba counter, great boba, great small bites- some of the best and tastiest and cheapest spring rolls around. There was nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a cold mango boba and an order of those rolls....right around $5 too. I knew that place would never last.

          1. I love it & am nearing 50 (not by my own choice!) Don't like the super-sweet flavors, but passion fruit or mango or a honeydew freeze is delicious. My daughter loves the super sweet green tea w/ milk & peppermint, but I'm not a fan. I also like the less sweet Boba - some places don't seem to soak it in as much brown sugar syrup. Been drinking it for years since I first found in Hawaii, but try to avoid due to all the calories...