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Oct 14, 2006 01:52 PM

Chicago, next weekend, Bistro or Pizza???

Will be in Windy City next weekend. Have reservations at Santorini and North Pond. Trying to decide on French Bistro or Pizza for the third night. Any advise would be helpful.

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  1. What an odd choice. I guess you mood will dictate where you go. You might need a reservation at a Bistro - esp Sat and Fri from 7-9. Maybe not on a Sunday. For Pizza, no problems there.

    If you want Bistro, I have always been a fan of Bistro Margot. If you don't like the busy 1st floor, ask for a table on the second floor. If Bernard is there, we really enjoyed him as our waiter. I have had almost everything on the menu and have never been disappointed. I am also a big fan of their specials. Its also on a great street to walk on - tons of interesting restaurants and stores on that stretch of Wells. If you're a big home cook, you have to check out the Spice Store.

    I was at Brasserie Jo this week and had an outstanding Choucroute with a bottle of 2004 Beaujolais (Moulin-a-Vent). A big pile of slow cooked cabbage, smoked pork, and sausage. The chef has an Alsatian background. It was just delicious. Our waitress was worthless, but the food made up for it.

    There is also Le Bouchon, La Sardine, Bistro Zinc, Kikis Bistro. They are all good.

    Bistro 110 has gotten mixed reviews recently. I haven't been there for years.

    I had a very disappointing experience ad Cyrano's a month or two ago - service and food were both just horrible. Salad came without dressing, rosemary chicken had no rosemary, Bread never came, etc.

    There have been a bunch of threads in the past on Pizza.

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      In my opinion, the fact that nobody has ever heard about "Chicago-style bistro" should be a very large hint. Assuming you like good pizza!

      If you are downtown, Bacino's, Lou Malnati's, Pizzeria Uno and Due, and Gino's East are all worthwhile. As wak mentioned, other pizza recommendations are available through an easy search. Obviously, the ambience will not be quite what you might get at a French bistro.

      I hope you enjoy your time in Chicago! Cheers, Ken

    2. Pizano's Pizza(State/Chestnut or Madison/Wabash) was just honored for landing themselves in the Top Ten of the country's best pizza. But, if you're feeling the need for French, Bistro Zinc on State Street never disappoints.

      Enjoy your trip to Chicago!

      1. If you are willing to travel up to the Lincoln Square neighborhood, Bistro Campagne is always one of my favorites -- great food and a lovely space.

        1. I vote for Kiki's bistro, always delicious and great service. Another option, if "Chicago Style" isn't essential, is Piece on North Ave just east of Damen/Western. They offer excellent New Haven-style pizza and award-winning beers brewed on-site.

          1. I like Kiki's Bistro too. We always have a good meal and good experience there. Food is up to date without being burdened by trendiness in a calm and charming setting. Now I want to go back too. Lunch is good too - but service can be hit or miss at noon.