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Oct 14, 2006 12:38 PM

Induction Cooktops, anyone have one? Opinions Diva vs. Viking vs. ?????

I can't have gas in my kitchen, I live in a condominium hi rise. I have read about and now tested one of the new induction cooktops and was amazed at how fast water boiled (about one minute in a two quart pot) and how hot a frying pan got for stir frying - I actually had to turn down the heat. I don't know anyone who has one in their house. I do know many restaurants and cooking schools are putting them in I am interested in performance. Anyone have any thoughts, opinions? I am currently looking at the Diva 36" model but am getting some mixed signals.

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  1. Cooktek, Elecrolux, Sears, and Wolf, Gagennau and Viking also make induction cooktops (from a Google search)
    Consumer Reports spoke highly of induction cooking in general, but did not do a really good comparison of the different brands...
    sorry I couldn't be more helpful...

    1. I used induction cooktops at CIA Greystone about ten years ago. I loved the speed and versatility but did not love the "you must use specific cookware" part that eliminated my beloved copper pots. Perhaps, CIA can tell you who makes their units because they were not only gorgeous red enamel-brass behemoths but they were a joy to use.

      Have you searched the appliance forum at gardenweb,com? They may have some very good information for you. Sorry I can't be of more help.

      1. We have had a Sears unit since December. & it is great, it is amazing how easy to clean it is & once you get used to the power you will love it.

        1. Sears currently has their Kenmore 4-element induction cooktop on sale for less than $1500, I think they are introducing a new model soon because they've dropped the price on the current one twice in the last two months. Supposedly it is made for Sears by Electrolux.