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Oct 14, 2006 06:26 AM

Looking for a birthday spot...

Hi all,
My 28th birthday is coming up and I need to find a spot!
The details:
*Cuisine: I'm pretty much up for anything tasty, but needs to have both meat and veggie stuff to keep everyone satisfied. And desserts and a nice wine/port selection wouldn't hurt, either. :)
*Group size: 10 at most
*Price range: Well, here is the hard part...Average entree price really can't go above $15/person. Lower if possible. But still good quality. Some of us are non-profit strugglers while others are not so struggling - I just want to make sure that everyone is comfy.
*If possible, I would also prefer to be around a few good, not stuffy bars. Example of the kind of atmosphere I dig: Barrow St. Ale House, Belgian Room
*Location: Anyplace below 14th St. or Brooklyn (Park Slope, Williamsburg, Bay Ridge).

I had my birthday at Cafe Mogador last year, which was perfect, so I would say a place that is similar-ish. Great vibe, not stuffy, quality food, priced for everyone.

And thanks in advance for y'alls sugestions!

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  1. For Brooklyn locales - you might want to post on the Outer Boroughs board as well.

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    1. Since you liked Mogador, how about Zerza? I've never been, but there are generally positive reports about the food, and it's a popular place for parties. Looking at the menu on their website, the main course prices seem to fit your budget.

      1. I think the group table near the bar at Frank would be a blast for a birthday group outing. Quality Italian food at prices within your budget. Of course, it'd be quite noisy but appears to be a lot of fun and you can't go wrong with the food.

        1. I think Da Andrea in the West Village might fit the bill. It's small, but has a very friendly atmosphere, and I think they might be able to accommodate your group. Very reasonably-priced wine, too.

          1. Thanks all! I'll definitely be "test driving" these places (some people will be from out of town...I just want to make sure everyone is happy.)!

            Keep those suggestions coming! :)

            Thanks so very much!