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Oct 14, 2006 02:48 AM

Thai Takeout in Bloor West Village

Does anyone have any recommendations for thai takeout in the Bloor West Village area? I've never had much success finding anything special.

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  1. I would head west a few blocks to Mai Thai Kitchen just west of Royal York, just east of Montgomery - very good and reasonable prices.

      1. My girlfriend and I love thai food and eat it often enough to be picky about where we order. We were both totally blown away by the quality at Thai 4 you at bloor and keele. if you can get past the dumb name you'll have the best peanut sauce, spring rolls, yellow beef curry, cashew chicken and pad thai you'll ever eat in this city. The service is excellent and they deliver as well.

        also excellent is simply thai near bloor and windemere. their summer rolls are outstanding and pad thai is superb. They deliver as well.