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Oct 14, 2006 02:13 AM

21st Birthday dinner

Need recs. for family b-day dinner before the real fun begins. SOLID food, good atmosphere, not too loud, for party of 7. Westside/Malibu please. No Asian, price doesn't matter.

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  1. Sounds like you want to have a decent dinner before the heavy drinking starts. If it's for family and your parents would like a nice place with good food, I recommend Josie. A lot of posters rave about the place; when you mentioned the word "solid," that's the place that came to mind: somewhat innovative food (emphasis on game dishes but you can get plenty of other things) with fresh ingredients and excellent execution.

    Good service, adult atmosphere, but not stuffy.

    1. I did mine at Capo. It was good; then of course, I went "out out."

      1. For Malibu, Geoffrey's. You might get in some fun post-dinner at Moonshadows, too.

        Or, for a bit more high-end and reliably good food, go up the canyon to Saddle Peak Lodge.

        1. Literati II, at Bundy and Wilshire.

          1. Cafe Del Rey is a nice place to have a classy & substantial dinner and get a sophisticated drink or two down before the real festivities begin.


            I also second Josie - also Jiraffe's & if you're going for less pricey, Violet.

            ~ AquaW