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Oct 14, 2006 01:46 AM

trishna in Mumbai, India

i just read a review of this joint in the ny times by the late r.w. johnny apple.

anyways, is this joint really that great? and so i can get an idea of things, how much is the going rate right now for their supposedly famous pepper/butter crabs, and other dishes? I'm sure since it's all seafood it's more expensive than your average joint. (Also, how much do things if exchanged to US dollars?)

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  1. Well, I didn't end up going to Trishna when I was in Mumbai last month, but I did go to Mahesh Lunch Home, which apparently does the same thing Trishna does and is considered at least as good as Trishna. Lots of locals seem to know and like Mahesh.

    Anyway, we had some excellent Mangalorean seafood there. One of the dishes was a crab curry (crab legs) and the other dishes were fish dishes. Everything was delicious.

    I can't remember for sure, but I think the crab curry was a few hundred rupees at 45 rupees to the $1. Expensive for India, but cheap anywhere else and good size portions (as is customary in India).

    So, getting to your question, I was intrigued to see Trishna in that article or to see any restaurant in India. Indian food is fabulous but never seems to get full credit for how varied and complex it can be.

    Hope you can make it out there. Great food, interesting city.

    1. Apple said he hadnt been to Trishna for some time; not sure its the favorite any more in its category

      Embedded in a long discussion thread on another forum is a discusion of Trishna and its competitors. the relevant discussion starts around Post#28

      1. Trishna is still good and all my friends go there.Very popular with Bombayites. Eat the curries, the various fried fish,[particularly the pomfret and the bombay duck[it is a fish not a duck!!]], and the crabs. Another wonderful seafood place in the same vicinity is Apoorva

        1. hello armaity (parsi?).

          a friend travelling through london was bemoaning the quality of trishna these days - sadly downhill, he claims for what its worth.

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            Went to Trishna last week as my last pre-monsoon seafood binge and came out a little underwhelmed and a lot sticker-shocked. The usual suspects - calamari butter-pepper-garlic: chewy and disconcertingly salty. The Hyderabadi ajwaini fish tikka was superb but sooo tired of the same dish. FYI, whole crabs (as opposed to random crab in the curry) can get really pricey here! We paid about $55 for 2 crabs. That's a LOT by Indian standards and substantially more than what the waiter had indicated it would cost. If you want Bombay duck, head to any one of the many Gajalees. Apoorva has great mussels and non-sea food fiery Mangalore cuisine. And only someone who hasn't been to Trishna will say that Mahesh is in the same league. Mahesh and Bharat Excellensea are both adequate but despite its faults, imho, Trishna is still the best coastal cuisine.