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Oct 14, 2006 01:44 AM

North 44 vs. Bymark?

I understand the two are related somehow, but is one better than the other? Are either worth the price?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Both are owned by head chef Mark McCuen (sp?) who recently is in Heat on TFN- (kinda Canadian but whatever). I haven't been to NOrth 44 for some reason- but Bymark is excellent- especially in the summer when you can sit outside. As for *is it worth it*? well, I don't know I guess that is a pretty personal decision. I figure if I've had a good time, great service and excellent food- it is always worth it. I've all those things at Bymark several times- never an off note.

      1. I haven't been to North 44 in quite some time but I remember it as one of the better restaurants I have ever been to. Excellent food and absolutely impeccable service. I can't say enough about the service (at least when I was there back in the day). I haven't been to Bymark but certainly plan on going.

        1. Alright that is what I meant by "worth it", yes the prices are quite high, but is it overrated I guess. If you say its good, than I would see it was worth it. Though, Im curious about peoples experiences who have been to both. Bymark seems a TAD more expensive but menu's seen fairly similar

          1. I've only been to North 44 and I have to say it was excellent all round- the food, the service and the generally surrounding. It's always "worth it" - good value for an excellent dining experience. I've actually taken to going during Winterlicious and Summerlicious - for about 10$ extra I had fois gras last time I was there. We splurged on the wine and we still managed to get a fine-dining experience for less then 60$ a head.

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              wow thats excellent. can you recall what you else you had?