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Oct 14, 2006 12:19 AM

Tamales at Costco - decent!

I bought the Isabella's Kitchen pork tamales - 10 pack, fresh (not frozen) - at Costco for $13.49. We had them for part of dinner tonight. We steamed them in the bamboo steamer (we don't have a tamalera) - they are huge, barely managed to fit 5 in one tray.

I thought that the flavor was excellent and the overall texture quite good. I'm sure they don't compare to home-made, but for the money, they make a cheap, decent quick dinner for those busy nights.

One thing I missed was a good sauce. I ate it with some picco de gallo and some hot sauce (had both El Yucateco and Chalula) but I should have made or bought me a good enchilada sauce or maybe even a mole poblano. Not that the tamale was dry - just needed something to ride over the corn. I know some folks even like chili on tamales - I'm not a big fan of the standard ground beef chili with tamales, but I do like a spicy chili verde - but if I'm going to take the time to make that, I don't need to buy a bag of tamales.

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  1. I saw those @ Costco today here in OC. Thank you for the quick review; after reading it, I'm going back this wknd to try some!

    1. We've had them as well (thanks in large part to a hostess serving free samples)and enjoyed them with our own refried beans, saffron rice. I would rebuy.

      1. I just wrote about them on the SW board in a tamale discussion.

        My mom has always made tamales for Christmas, but won't be making them this year. While not as good as mom's, they are a fine substitute. They also had chicken with green chile tamales.

        I paid $10.99 in Phoenix.

        1. I always grab a bag of the Isabella Pork Tamales (fresh) at Costco. They are very tasty and highly convienient; I usually freeze them for lunches and such. All I need is a dusting of NM chili powder and a fork, yum yum. It is unusual to find prepared pork tamales since most are either chicken or beef. They offer chicken tamales that I have not tried, but they do look interesting.

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            We had the Isabella Chicken Tamales during Christmas. It was good for what it was: mass-produced chicken tamales. There was a bit more masa than I prefer...perhaps I needed to dress it up w/some mole sauce. I agree w/the OP that for the money, it was a "cheap, decent quick dinner".

          2. I came back to add: I checked the label on my Costco tamales. They're not Isabella - they are Del Valle brand.