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Oct 14, 2006 12:19 AM

[AUS] Quick & Healthy

Other than Baby Greens, Supermarkets (CM, Whole Foods, Wheatsville) and maybe Freebirds on occasion. Are there any other 'fast' healthy food options in Austin I'm missing?

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  1. Zen.

    I usually don't equate eating out with healthy.

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    1. re: Kent Wang

      I would not recommend Zen, the bowls are pretty heavy in sauce, even though u have the option of brown rice. I was very unimpressed with the food there.

      1. re: Angie

        Well, you can get the sauce on the side and dole it out yourself - I'm a fan of the chicken and veggies teriyaki bowl - for fast and healthy, it really does the trick. Don't forget the sushi and salads to grab in the cold case...usually a major step above supermarket sushi, and the ginger dressing (on the side) with the seared tuna salad is great...

    2. Mr. Natural has fabulous and fast take-out (I go to the S. Lamar location), as does Casa de Luz (, but at Casa you have to bring your own container.

      Good luck!

      Ellen aka Queen of Sky (

      1. How about the Pita Pit on Guadalupe next to campus? Everything is made to your specs and ingredients seemed fresh when I was there. Whether it's healthy depends on your ingredient choice.. but they had a decent selection of veggies.

        1. I eat at Zuzu a lot for healthy options. They have great salads (I like the mahi mahi, and the grilled chicken), and while their rosemary vinagrette dressing is awesome, I usually top mine with pico de gallo and their red salsa instead.

          If I'm in a not so healthy mood, I really like their chicken flautas with a side salad and a side of black beans.

          There's no drive through, but they are pretty quick packaging up a to-go order.

          1. Since we are mentioning chains: I really enjoy Chipotle. I think the bowls are far better than the burritos. I like to start with the rice and black beans, add the excellent peppers and onions, a meat, pico de gallo, corn salsa, and cheese. I take it home and microwave it latter for a very satisfying dinner, under $6.

            Or you can get a salad bowl.