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Oct 14, 2006 12:17 AM

homemade pies, donuts, etc. at farms in tri-state area?

i'd like to know which farms in the ny/nj/ct area you guys recommend for great homemade donuts, pies, and other goodies. i'm particularly interested in the donuts, esp. since it's fall now and i'm thinking that there might be some great apple cider donuts out there at the moment, with apples in season, but i'd like to hear about anything and everything worth trekking out to from the city.

i have to head up to southwestern connecticut soon and was hoping to hit up some places in the westchester/putnam/fairfield/new haven/litchfield county areas, so any recommendations in those regions would be great.

but again, i'd like to hear about places throughout the tri-state area, as i'm willing to travel beyond metro nyc if there's something especially noteworthy.

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  1. We like the donuts at Salinger's Orchard in Brewster. Really good apples, too. It's one of the few remaining working orchards in the area, and unlike Outhouse, for example, it is not a tourist trap.

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      I second that! Salingers is great. The donuts are incredible. And the pies are fabulous.

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        Another rave from me. I went to Salingers this weekend and thought it was so much fun; the smells of fresh homemade baked goods were incredible, and the variety was great. The donuts were indeed amazing, and the apple pie I took home was still warm from the oven. A real foodie find.

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          just wanted to thank you guys for all the tips - i hope to make it out to as many of these places as possible over the next few months.

          i was finally in the putnam/sw ct area this past weekend and decided to stop by salinger's. you guys were right - this place is great! the donuts were indeed fantastic. i personally liked the plain donuts better than the sugared ones, but they were both extremely tasty with a nice, slightly crispy edge and a soft, tasty (not sickly sweet) interior. i liked how they were "normal" size (i.e. not ginormous like most everything else out there) and warm. the pumpkin pie we got was still warm as well and, without question, one of the best i've ever had. didn't get to eat the apple pie till that evening, but it was still incredibly delicious. and of course their apple cider...i drank some there and got a jug for the road as well. perfect.

          later, i stopped by phillips diner in woodbury, ct. i actually passed by the place twice before realizing that it was disguised as "dottie's diner" (at least that's what the large sign hanging above the establishment read), with "phillips" written in small font just below (virtually impossible to see from the road). there's also a small sign next to the front door that identifies the place as "phillips restaurant", but again, you can't really see this from the road.

          my question: is this a new change, or has it always been this way? why the need to display "dottie's diner" prominently while "phillips" gets relegated to small, hard-to-see-from-the-road font? perhaps phillips has new owners who've changed the name to dottie's, but decided to keep "phillips" on the sign, just in case? or has it always been this way?

          i'd never been here before, so thanks in advance for clearing this up.

          in any event, i arrived dottie's/phillips just before closing time, and asked for 2 chicken pies (1 with veggies, 1 with just the chicken) and 2 donuts to go. the donuts were pretty good - i imagined that they were great when warm and fresh - but the chicken pies were virtually inedible. i asked them to heat up the pies, but the people in the back must've nuked them for about 10 seconds, because they were still lukewarm at best. perhaps if i'd gotten a hot, fresh chicken pie i'd have thought differently, but i was very disappointed to say the least.

          next time i'll try to make it to phillips earlier, grab a booth (loved the retro interior), and try everything freshly prepared.

    2. beardsly farm in shelton, ct has good pies and great cider donuts. also a good place to pick apples.

      if you are around on a saturday morning, the greenwich farmers market also has good pies and cider donuts

      1. At Wilkens in Yorktown Heights last Saturday, the line for fresh donuts was an hour long. Stupidly, I waited on this line-- I'd like to say it was worth an hour. Yes, the donuts were DELICIOUS, fresh, and hot (you can watch them being made verrrrrry slloooowwlly) but I felt guilty ordering more than half a dozen since they took so long to come out of the machine. So I can't say it was worth the wait. I'd try going at a weird time (first thing in the morning or during the week perhaps if they're open then).

        If you happen to be in the Binghamton area, Cider Mill in Endicott has outstanding donuts, cider, cheese, and other goodies.

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          We went to Wilkens' in the AM last weekend (not outrageously early, like 10 AM) and they didn't have donuts yet! I found that odd, given how everyone raves about these donuts. They should be up at the crack of dawn making them for us!

          We bought a pack left from the night before, and they were good, but there's no way I'm EVER waiting over an hour for them fresh.

        2. Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ is wonderful. Their apple cider donuts are particularly great. I'm very partial to their apricot danish too :-)

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            You took the words right out of my mouth. i was just there on Thursday. Took the kids apple picking and then did a wonce around at Delicious Orchards. So yummy. So bad for the waste line.

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                I was going to correct something else, but once is enough. :-)

          2. Youngs Farm in Brookville Long Island makes wonderful pies! My Mom brings them to me and we LOVE them! I don't think they have apple picking though.