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Oct 14, 2006 12:12 AM

LA hound with long Sydney layover and 2 weeks in Perth

I'm going to have a long layover in sydney on my way to perth from LA. I'm looking for somewhere near the airport that I can eat for a decent price. Any travel advice would help as well. obviously I won't have a car so it has to be accessible to that contingent. Any other things I can do in the meantime would be interesting too. I have 2 layovers there so I'll need something to do. And while not nearly as important because I'll have a guide, what interesting places are in/around perth that I might want to visit?

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  1. I just returned from two weeks in Western Australia and we also had a long layover in Sydney. We were there overnight arriving at 7pm and leaving the next day at 9am. We didn't venture out any farther than our hotel.

    The area right around the airport doesn't have any options other than airport hotels and they are pretty mediocre. We skipped dinner and ended up with a very expensive buffet breakfast at the Holiday Inn.

    But it is really easy to get into the Central Business District by train. It takes about 15 minutes and is about $13AUS. It will take you right to Circular Quay which is the harbor and the center of the tourist area. The opera house is a short walk as is the area called The Rocks. There are lots of options both for eating and sightseeing.

    How much time do you have and what time of the day? Lunch is between 12-2:30 and dinner starts at 6:00pm at most restaurants. Also, many places are closed on Mondays.

    In general, you may find prices in Australia higher than you expect. The menu prices include GST tax and tipping is not expected. Also, you might find a 10% service charge for weekends. I think the higher prices are because the waitstaff salaries.

    We were in Sydney for 4 days at the end of our trip. We got sick so we didn't eat out much. I did have a good dinner at Palisades Hotel (pubs are called hotels in Australia) which is near the Rocks.

    Where are you staying in Perth? We were in East Perth. We had a good lunch at No 44 King Street. They are open continuously most of the day. We loved Lamonts which is in East Perth, Swan Valley and Margaret River. We had a relaxing lunch at restaurant in Margaret River. Our favorite brewery was Little Creatures in Fremantle. The Pale Ale is the best and the food isn't bad although we found some of the dishes (Fries, salt and pepper squid) too salty. It is great place for people watching.

    Have a great time.

    1. I'm staying in claisebrook, which is just a few stops from Northbridge by train. I'll be checking out 44 King St., but I'm looking for some other places as well. I'll try and find the brewery when I visit Freeo on Tuesday.