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Oct 13, 2006 11:58 PM

Great Italian in Silver Lake?

I can remember a review of a small Italian place in the new edition of HUNGRY? but can't remember the name.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Was it Il Cappricio or Farfalla? Both are good, particularly Farfalla.

    1. I don't have the Hungry right here, but if memory serves, they listed Michaelangelo and Giovanni's in Silver Lake.
      They may have also listed Il Cappriccio and Farfalla, which are in Los Feliz.
      However they missed Aroma, another Italian place to check out in the neighborhood.

      1. Supposedly Allegria is very good. Don't know if they serve alcohol. May have to bring your own.

        1. Allegria is Mexican, sort of, really awful, overrated Mexican for people who don't actually like Mexican food - IMHO. As for Italian, Aroma is good, not great, other than that I've never had "great" Italian food in Silverlake, which is a shame since I live in Silverlake.

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            I agree, with regards to Alegria. The food was SO salty, it tasted like the cook passed out with the a bag of salt in his hand and dropped it in the pot. Horrible.

          2. I am extremely fond of Mexican food, and I like Alegria a lot. It's ... different, as much cultural center as restaurant, but the food represents its community as accurately as practically any restaurant I've ever been to. It is not a place to fall into for a quick carnitas plate and a beer.

            As for Silver Lake Italian - it's not as if anybody is holding out on you. There are at best half a dozen Italian restaurants in the L.A. area that even come close to passing muster, and the closest ones to Silver Lake are Tre Venezie in Pasadena and Angeli on Melrose. Aroma is as good as it gets in those zip codes.

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              I have been going to Alegira on Sunset for years. When I had my first taste of their mole, my mind raced back to my childhood. My grandfather would make mole after every big holiday. Instantly, I was in love.

              Over the years, I've gotten to know the owners very well. Yeah, some of the dishes miss the mark. As the menu a reflection of the area, yes. However, as a cultural center, I could not agree more. I have shared many meals with family and friends there. I have also made great friends there as well.

              As far as Italian in Silverlake, the few in the neighborhood as fair/good. Just go to Farfalla in Los Feliz, and make a reservation!!!