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Oct 13, 2006 11:56 PM

20 minutes from tarrytown

please find me a tasty, not overpriced,not mediocre food, nice place to go on a saturday eve with another couple . how is sonora in portchester-we loved it 6 years ago when it first opened but went too many times and then was disappointed. has it come back to par? what else is there- we haven't been going out in the past 5 years other than great ethnic "dives" in the city. we're stuck with westchester couples for the next 2 weekends- help, please- can't see wasting $ on sub-par food!

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  1. iron horse grill in pleasantville should be within your range. We've never been disappointed there.

    1. sonora remains mediocre...try lia's for italian , near hartsdale train station

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        thanks. haven't been to iron horse either since it had opened- our dining days were exciting 5-6 years ago- we've defin etly changed- trying to kick it up again. is lias new? i don't know it but it's getting alot of chowchat.

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        1. How about Frodo's in Pleasantville. Exceptional food in a casual setting. Dan Petrilli is a great chef.

          1. First, I believe you do have to pay for parking on the street in front of Sunset Grille. Try the municipal parking lot across the street from the restaurant in front of the Dept. of Rec. office.

            Second, how about a place like the Korean BBQ on Central Ave. (next door to Greek Taverna)? They have a large menu with everything from sushi to dumplings, to BBQ and traditional Korean food. It's a lot of fun and the food is tasty. The place is a bit pricy and you will smell like BBQ when you leave, just to give you the full picture.

            For good homestyle but delicious Italian food, go to Frank's on Putnam Ave. in Port Chester. Huge menu, great pasta and chicken & veal dishes, pizza if you are in the mood, salads galore. Won't break the bank. Casual environment. Great garlic balls in the bread basket!