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Oct 13, 2006 11:50 PM

Vegetarian-friendly non-vegetarian restaurants in Milwaukee

I'm traveling next week to Milwaukee and would like recommendations for restaurants that are not exclusively vegetarian but have plenty of vegetarian options. Italian and Asian may be obvious choices, but I cook lots of those dishes at home, so I'm interested in something different. I'm also looking for restaurants that emphasize quality over quantity, because I appreciate good food but don't have a big appetite.

I will also be making at least a couple of day trips out of Milwaukee (to Spring Green and Baraboo), so I would welcome recommendations for those areas or something along the route.

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    1. Beans & Barley

      The Web site is down, but here's some info:

      1. For sure Beans and Barley. Stay away from Whole Foods, they just opened and are still trying to figure things out. Dancing Ganesha is fantastic, so long as you like good Indian food. They have a lot of vegetarian options there. Cafe Brucke is a tasty little corner spot in a cool building, but almost everything they do there is cold (they don't have an exhaust). Africa Hut if you like African food, and I'm pretty sure they have a couple vegetarian dishes. Cubanitas MIGHT have some veggie, never looked for it but the rest of their food is good. If I only had one rec it would be Dancing Ganesha though.

        1. Casablanca Middle Eastern Restaurant at 728 Brady St., 414-271-6000.
          We had a delicious dinner there while visiting family in August. I thought the split yellow lentil soup, Adas Majrous, was just about the best I have ever had. Lots of appetizers and salads to go with the soup, if you are looking for a smaller meal.
          Enjoy your visit, p.j.
          Go Pack!