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Oct 13, 2006 11:38 PM

Went to 3 Scoops in Brighton Center

I found this ice cream shop a couple of days ago. They make truly the best ice cream and frozen yogurt I have ever had. This is saying something, since I grew up in Cambridge, and have been pampered by some very excellent ice cream places all my life. I should also say that I love ice cream so much that I have been known to eat it while walking down the street in a snowstorm.

The flavors are clean and clear. The frozen yogurt is very similar to good gelato (something very hard to find in the Boston area). It's not as good as the best gelato I have had, but it is certainly the best frozen yogurt that I've had. The ice cream is not too rich/dense (which I think can result in dull flavoring). It just had a nice balance of richness and texture, and the flavor came fully through.

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  1. Thanks Moo. This is in my neighborhood and I've never been. BTW,are you the same moo who posts on the Toronto board?

    1. Nope, I'm new to Chowhounds, and I've never been to Toronto--though I've heard it is a very nice place to visit.

      I envy you living in Brighton. I live about 1/2 an hour away in Lexington, and we have virtually no decent food. Even the ice cream situation is not that great. I think that Rancatore's is only OK.

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        It's funny,I complain that in Oak square there's not much that's walkable but it's true that there's lots of great chow in Brighton especially along Brighton ave. Rancatores used to be good. Joey Rancatore started Joey's and the original Steves (in Somerville) but seems to be too busy building mediocre chain restaurants these days (Red Sauce, Naked Fish).

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          Hmm, my recollection of the genealogies is that Joe Rancatore owned (still owns, I think) Toscanini's, and that Joey *Crugnale* started Bertucci's and then Naked Fish, Red Sauce, et al. I have good memories of Rancatore's, especially the milk chocolate flavor, though I haven't been in years.

      2. By god, you're right. I'm having more neuronal misfirings lately. I remember talking wiht Joey Crugnale when he was still as Steves and about to open a pizza place with a bocce ball court in it (the first Bertuccis).

        1. Anybody else with comments on 3 Scoops? As an ice cream aficionado who loves Toscaninis, as well as Herrells and Christinas (a distant third), I want to know more if I'm going to leave this side of the river and head to Brighton.

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            Went last night for the first time... mostly because I felt sorry for the place being empty so often. There was actually a line this time and I picked the peanut butter frozen yogurt (AMAZING). It had that bit of salty with the sweet. My husband did a scoop of PB fy with a scoop of banana fy... equally good. You can tell there are no chemical flavorings and colors... the banana didn't have that scary yellow coloring. The guy behind the counter said they use Herrells ice cream... and the famous fudge. Worth the trip. Portions are generous, but not ridiculous like the chain down the street. Benches outside make it easy to hang out and run into neighbors (which we did).