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Oct 13, 2006 11:30 PM

Dining at SEA-TAC

I just had another x-cellent lunch at Great Roasters, across from the Raddission Airport. A very tasty potato-less clam chowder, a hand-carved slo-roasted beef sandwich and home-mad b-b-que chips, washed down with an Arrogant Bastard Ale. Highly recommended if you are staying at one of the airport hotels.

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  1. JT, Roasters also make a "servicable" roast pork with gravy. There are far worse fates awaiting Sea-Tac Chowhounds than Roasters.

    1. In my opinion, the best dining near Sea Tac is at 13 Coins. Chicken Parmasean, Pasta, omelettes... many fine dishes.

      1. bai tong, it's a thai restaurant in on old drive in restaurant .. rumour has it it's where the thai airway crews go. am guessing there are a few good mexican restaurants down there too .. i'd avoid 13 coins at all costs .. very expensive with food ala cheescake factory .. perhaps if you need to eat super late at night & really want fettucine alfredo

        1. I 2nd the motion about 13 coins... extremely overpriced and they put a white GRAVY on their chicken parm. the ambiance is pretty cool, however. bai tong is indeed very good thai...

          Dave's Diner is pretty good for, well, diner food :)