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Oct 13, 2006 10:52 PM

BIGG CHILL on Westwood now competing with PINKBERRY!

Giant signs in Bigg Chill's windows proclaiming that they now have tart low fat yogurt. I am obsessed with pinkberry, and wondering if anyone has tried Bigg Chill's recent addition?

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  1. I recently mentioned this on CH.

    It's very tart, consistency is different. I like Pinkberry's yogurt better, but Bigg Chill's tart is ok.

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    1. re: Francesca

      How is the consistency different? Is Bigg Chill's smoother, like soft-serve of the Costco/county fair variety?

      1. re: Pei

        It's more melty, soft serve-ish. Pinkberry seems firmer.

    2. I tried it last night. It is more like soft-serve, more creamy than icy. It's pretty good, but it's missing whatever it is that makes pinkberry so addictive (crack?)

      There's a new PB imposter at the Century City foodcourt called Bear Naked Yogurt. Theirs seemed more icy but less sweet than PB.

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      1. re: notavegan

        Is that in any way related to Bear Naked Granola?

      2. The owner of Bigg C. was working the counter today. I asked about the tart flavor and the reply was that it was the same exact mix as Pinkberry's plain. Hmmmm...

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        1. re: Francesca

          Perhaps the mixing method is different? You can make the same base more icy or more creamy depending on how hard and how long you mix it. FWIW, I once tried a homemade frozen yogurt recipe with a $50 Cuisinart ice cream maker, and it did have more the icy texture of Pinkberry's than the smooth creamy flavor of "regular" soft serve. So maybe Pinkberry purposely uses a machine that doesn't create a soft creamy product? It certainly does make their yogurt unique (and tricks you into thinking it's a "healthy" tasting texture).

          1. re: Pei

            The machines all differ. So, the same flavor "whatever brand and flavor" made at two different shops will differ in taste. For me, Humphrey's in Sherman Oaks has terrible machines. Their Wow Cow tastes nothing like that at Yogrut Zone or Studio Yogurt.

        2. Studio Frozen Yogurt in Studio City (which used to be a Bigg Chill) is also serving "tart" flavors. They are made by Caribbean Chill, but they are different from Pinkberry in that they come in flavors (lemon, cherry, etc.). It should be interesting when the Pinkberry opens in Studio City in a couple of weeks.

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          1. re: eatmuch

            Where in Studio City is Pinkberry opening?

            1. re: CarlieInLA

              In the Dupars/Trader Joe's/McDonald's/Blockbuster center that seldom has an empty parking stall before they open. On the west side set of shops opposite Dupars.