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Oct 13, 2006 10:50 PM

Where can I find Castania Nuts & best quality Pink Pickeled Turnips in the Bay Area?

Where can I find Castania Nuts & best quality Pink Pickeled Turnips in the Bay Area?

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  1. You could try Dirty Girl Farms (name?) at the Berkeley markets. I believe it's they who are selling various pickled produce. Not sure they do turnips, but the beets and everything else I've tried are very good.

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    1. You mean Castania brand nuts from Lebanon?

      Indus Foods in Berkeley has a huge selection of Middle Eastern stuff. I'm pretty sure I've seen several brands of pickled turnips.

      1. Don't know about best, but I really liked the homemade pickled turnips from MidEast Deli in Fremont. Here's the post -

        1. Mel
          Thanks for the suggestions, I bought a bottle.
          Beware! The lady at MidEast Deli mixes in pickled beets into her home made jars of Pickled Turnips, perhaps because they are cheap & also red in color. So they are not true, pure or 100% pickled turnips, better to buy them sealed from the store.

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            Aren't beets more expensive than turnips? The beets give the red/purple color, otherwise they'd be white unless dye were added. Adding a few slices is the old-world, traditional recipe for aging in the jar. This is not an industrial process. Here's Claudia Roden's recipe that does it the same way -

            But more importantly, did you like the taste?

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I sit corrected! I liked te turnip taste until I discovered the first beet. I like beets too but thats not what I had paid for or had expected since there was no ingredients list.