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Oct 13, 2006 10:38 PM

Little Tokyo recs for sushi and pastries

My roommates and I are planning a food adventure in Little Tokyo. Any recs for places with good sushi at decent prices? (we're all students)

Also planning to stop by Mitsuru Cafe for imagawayakis. Any other suggestions for good bakery items?

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  1. Hamakawa is quite good. It's not super expensive, but it is certainly not cheap. Izayoi is equally good, and perhaps equally expensive. When faced with a situation of wanting sushi but not having sufficient funds, I have a snack beforehand to fill my stomach so I don't go hog wild on the sushi. Da Fiore just opend up in the Shabu Shabu House plaza. It's just like Pinkberry. Perhaps have a frozen yogurt with fruit and then go for some sushi?

    1. How about the Sushi Gen...

      1. Food Fiend,

        Sounds like a great plan. $1 for Imagawayaki is a student's dream.

        Izayoi is certainly excellent sushi, but I think probably just a tad higher than Hamakawa (also an excellent choice). Izayoi is a bit hipper, mind you. Sushi Gen is an old favorite, but also a bit on the expensive side for a student. Sushi 55 in the Mitsuwa plaza on 3rd street (upper level) is also a great choice to.

        If you want great sushi, then Izayoi is probably the best bet. My Lovely Companion and I love that place. In any case, check out the menu first before making a commitment. If you do make the commitment, you won't be disappointed.

        Across from the Office Depot in the Honda Plaza is a great French bakery for super-duper pastries. A splurgy night to be sure.

        Be sure to report back.

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          Frances Bakery is the one in Honda Plaza. They had a really fantastic chocolate hazelnut tart, a pumpkin tart (which might be in season right now) and my friend also liked a cheese danish. I tried an Early Grey chocolate from them too but it was simply okay. I vaguely remember it as overly soft.

        2. go to honda plaza and get great pastries from

          Frances Bakery, they also carry the best chocolates in town too.

          1. The Japanese confectioners on 1st near San Pedro for traditional candies and baked goods. Little Tokyo ice cream for Taro Root ice cream. Most if not all of the sushi restaurants will have a lunch special.