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Root Beer in San Diego

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As a chow hound I also have a love for root beer. I lived back east and thoroughly enjoyed Old Dominion Root Beer, but I can't seem to find any good root beer out here. Just IBC and Henry Weinheart (though HW is one of the best root beers). If you know of any restaurant or store that sales a wide variety of root beer I would be much obliged.

Thanks, Bigjudd

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  1. Beverages and More has the best selection of "exotic" soft drinks I've found, e.g., creme sodas, root beers, etc. Henry Weinhard's Orange Creme is hard to beat, and the root beer is terrific as well.

    1. Bristol Farms (La Jolla - UTC) and Major Market (Escondido) carry Sprecher's, at least as single bottles in their refrigerated section. I lived in Wisconsin a while, however, so I might be a bit biased. :)

      1. There is a Deli in Scripps Ranch that has tons of Root Beer. It's http://www.csdeli.com/ right off of Mira Mesa. I go there at least once a week for lunch to get my root beer fix and they really do have pretty good sandwiches.

        1. I can't vouch for this personally, but I've heard that Pizza Port in Solana Beach brews their own root beer, in addition to their own handcrafted beers.

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            I'd like to second Pizza Port; their root beer is really good (the root beer float and pizzas are great as well; ask for the whole-grain crust)!

            In fact... I'm going to eat there now.

          2. Besides BevMo, you can try Trader Joes or Cost Plus.

            1. Oops, sorry, I just realized your post said San Diego, Galco's is near LA. If you ever get up this way, check them out.
              Galco's has a wide selection of sodas, including some very tasty root beers. If you do a search on the boards, you will see its mentioned frequently.

              1. There's a store in Old Town Temecula called the Old Town Root Beer Company (http://www.oldtownrootbeer.com/) that has 200 types of root beer. You can buy a bottle or a case. I'm sure you'll find something you like there! And I see on their website they also have a location in San Diego.

                I second the recommendation for C's Deli in Scripps Ranch. When I worked in that area, we'd go there for lunch all the time and I'd try and get a different soda each visit. Definitely try the sandwiches while you're sampling their root beer selection!

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                  Not only does "Old Town Root Beer" Company have a location in San Diego, they are also in "Old Town". Maybe they open stores whereever there is a tourist section of a city/town named "Old Town ...".

                  I'll have to check it out sometime, though it will probably be by my lonesome - my wife is one of those people that find root beer to be vile. It seems you either like it, or you really don't.