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Oct 13, 2006 10:07 PM

Eggs Benedict Brunch

I was browsing the posts regarding this issue earlier and felt that responders did not put much effort into their posts. I NEED good, solid, reccomendations and many of them. Pretty please...
moving to an eggs benedict binge for the next month and a half.

Thank you for your time,

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  1. I love and adore Eggs Benedict, so look forward to responses!
    I am shameless, and always ask for extra hollandaise. Hate it when too lemony. Also, I always ask for eggs a little more well poached. And love dipping crispy french fries in the sauce. Not exactly the norm, but what a calorie and cholesterol splurge. I go back and forth between the two coasts, now on the west, or I would beg to join you! Please report back!

    1. My favorite eggs benedict are at Prune. The hollandaise there is on the lemony side- which I love.
      The bloody marys and potatos rosti are an added bonus.
      Another option is the Eggs Wellington at Rialto. It's served with steak and the last time I had it (5 yrs ago) was delicious. Hopefully it still is.
      Worst eggs benedict was at Norma's. Just awful.....tasteless hollandaise, overcooked ham and eggs, burnt english muffins, and all for $18. Avoid.

      1. The eggs benedict at Sarabeth's is very good and consistent, but their salmon eggs benedict is incredible. Even during the madhouse that is brunch, I've never gotten a plate with congealed sauce or poached eggs that turned into poached-well-done while sitting in the kitchen for too sounds strange, but this does impress me. Comes with peppers and chives on top, and over a fluffy, delicious (their own, made fresh daily) English muffin...

        Jane has some good versions, though I've only read about them on the menu.

        And Tides has a lobster eggs benedict on their brunch menu that I can't wait to try...

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          I like Jane, but my last visit I had the benedict johnny and it was not good. The eggs were almost hard boiled. It seems there might be consistency problems.

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            Agreed on Sarabeth's. My favorite eggs benedict in the city, and the salmon is definitely a step up.

          2. eggs benedict at blue ribbon bakery have always been good....

            1. Le Gamin on Hudson in the west village serves eggs benedict as well as the smoked salmon version on the weekend. It's almost always very good, although we had one occassion where they really skimped on the hollandaise for both of us (perhaps they made one batch and split it between our 2 plates). It's served with the traditional fried potatoes and small side salad.

              I understand that Ditch Plains on Downing St does eggs benedict all day - someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I have not tried them yet, though.

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                Ditch Plains gets my vote-all day-create your own. I like mine with spicy chorizo or morcilla.