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Oct 13, 2006 08:14 PM

longbeach/north OC group dinner?????

Looking for suggestions for a fun spot with quality food for a large(12-15) celebratory group. Long beach, seal, north OC.

No chain resturants please.


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  1. Without knowing your price range or food preferences, it's not an easy task. However...

    I may get slammed for this, but how about George's Greek Café in Belmont Shore (there are one or two other George's-es-- does that make it a chain?!)? A large group like that could commandeer the second floor and make quite a fun night of it. NOTE: Wine and beer only.

    Mykonos down the street (2nd St.) has a somewhat larger room, and similar menu, but I like George's a bit better.

    Bigg's for tapas (also Belmont Shore) could accommodate the group, but it could get really expensive really quick.

    Higher-end places like Lasher's (Belmont Heights), Shenandoah at the Arbor (Los Alamitos), Walt's Wharf (Seal Beach), etc. might have difficulty accommodating such a large group, or might be a bit quiet for the celebration, but I do love the food they serve.

    What kind of celebration are we talking about?

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      hey, what do you know, a post from me about lb restaurants that doesn't mention bake 'n' broil. i must be slipping. i second the suggestion of george's, either the belmont shore one or the one downtown. if you're with a spendy bunch, there's also a private dining room at 555, the steak house. if it was early, maybe you could requisition the bar at Bigg's (and probably cost about as much as the steak). i think there's a private dining room at frenchie's as well, or at least that bar on the side could section off.

    2. I've always liked The Crab Pot in Long Beach for their SeaFeasts, although others find it overpriced.

      1. just tried frenchy's probally to stuffy for a bigger group. we're celebrating a art show opening. price range would be around be no more than $25 an main course. full bar a plus.
        I think biggs would be too expensive for what its worth, even though I did like the place.
        crab pot mabey, mom w/ crab allergy isnt feeling it however

        1. I like Open Sesame, although they may not have enough room to seat the whole party, unless you try to make reservations. The Reef is pretty good for Sunday brunch (is this a dinner thing or anytime?) for a set price, which is around $25. Another option for a big party is Green Field, the Brazilian BBQ restaurant if everyone is okay with eating all types of meat. That is also a set price, around $25.

          1. has anyone been to cafe hiro in cypress?

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              I've been to Cafe Hiro, and have enjoyed meals there, but it is a rather small restaurant that really doesn't have a separate room for your group of 12-15 people. Your group would end up taking over at least half of the restaurant. Food is fantastic.