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Favorite Lite Ice Creams

My favorite is the coffee one with small pieces of chocolate by Healthy Choice.
I know its hard to find one both low sugar and low fat, so either/or is fine. I dont really like the very low sugar ones. My husband brought home recently a lite blueberry cheesecake flavor (excellent) by Hagen Daas I beleive, but I'm sure it wasnt very "lite'.

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  1. You really MUST try the new (well, sorta new) Haagan Daaz lite. It's amazing... my fave is the S'mores... in response to the above: its just simply lighter than the real stuff.

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    1. re: foodie in seattle

      Actually, my husband bought the S'mores and the Blueberry cheesecake. I guess while I was polishing off the cheesecake, he ate all the S'mores! I think I got one bite of it. Oh, well back to store for more. I like the blueberry cheesecake and I dont even like cheesecake!

    2. I like the Turkey Hill lite ice creams. Haven't found a bad one yet.

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        That's my favorite too. I love the mint cookie frozen yogurt. It has a really nice and rich flavor.

      2. Edy's slow churned low fat peanut butter cup or mocha almond chip. Really creamy for low fat ice cream. My newest addiction. :/

        1. Love the Haagan Daaz lite line, too. Haven't seen the S'mores flavor yet! I do love the Caramel Cookie Cone one and the Chocolate Brownie. Yum.

          1. Skinny Cow Fudgsicles, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches yea!!!!

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              Ditto--also, the Skinny Cow sundaes which I can't find anymore.

            2. I JUST got fed up with my lite ice cream choices the other day. I like plain, chocolate ice cream a lot and it's hard to find a lite that is satisfying. Finally I said 'screw it - I'll make my own', bought several cans of fatfree evaporated milk and the wonderful ice cream is sitting in my freezer now!

              The good part is that it's so rich you would have no idea that it's not made with cream and whole milk. Yum!

              1. Haagen Dazs light is the best-hands down.

                1. I'm a fan of the Dreyer's Slow Churned lite ice creams. They have a limited edition pumpkin flavor out right now. Tastes just like pumpkin pie. Add some warm chocolate chip cookies...yum!

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                    they were sampling this at my market yesterday--surprisingly creamy and with a good if not strong pumpkin/spice flavor. I didn't get a look at the label to see if there are lots of chemical ingredients to make it seem creamy. They were sold out!

                  2. There's a Weight Watchers bar that tastes like Cookies'n'Cream. It's actually really good.

                    1. Honestly, the calorie counts on the lite vs. regular ice cream don't impress me so much ... so I just go for the regular.