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Oct 13, 2006 07:20 PM

Restaurants or Vineyards near Round Pond?

We're planning to do a tour at Round Pond and were wondering if there any good restaurants near by or if there any vineyards close by that we could tour or sample? Round Pond is at 886 Rutherhford Road, Rutherford, CA.

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  1. If you'd post where Round Pond is located and provide coordinates, you might get more useful replies.

    1. Round Pond is just off highway 128 in Rutherford.

      Not much to eat in Rutherford proper. Best bet is to drive a couple miles south into Yountville or a few miles north into St Helena. Yountville is a bit more formal, very French. St. Helena a bit more casual and IMO a better value. In Yountville, consider Bouchon. In St Helena, consider Market restaurant and Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen. If you're into seafood, there's also newcomer Go Fish in St Helena. For uber-caual/cheap, you can get sandwiches at Oakville Grocery.

      1. Any wineries or vineyards in that area of CA?

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          Yes, there are hundreds. You'll be right in the heart of Napa Valley. You may try searching the archives for suggestions of wineries in Napa, or reposting the questions looking for wineries in Napa.

        2. Thank you Morton. I'm just starting to plan out trip and I wasn't sure if Rutherford was out of the way or if it was in Napa Valley. To be honest we're not big wine drinkers but we'd at least like to see how it's produced.

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            You should read Morton's post on olive oil tasting - very inspiring!