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Oct 13, 2006 07:06 PM

Review - Cachitos Taqueria (DFW) - long

Let me preface this review by saying that I am far from an expert when it comes to Mexican or Tex-Mex food. I come from Philly, where Mexican is one step up from Taco Bell, but I've always been intrigued by more authentic Mexican food. Moving here has given me that opportunity. So, I can't say much about authenticity, but can only give my opinion on the food.

I started off the day debating on getting Mexican or going to a place closer to home that offered Philly Cheesesteaks (something I can vouch the authenticity of). I headed down Rt. 10 to Philly's Steak and Deli (3260 W Euless Blvd, Euless), only to find it had recently been replaced by Pierre's Mardi Gras Cafe. I wasn't really in the mood for New Orleans food, and even though they offered steak sandwiches, something put doubt in my mind about how good they'd be. I grabbed a take out menu and climbed back in the car to head to Cachitos.

Cachitos is located in a small shopping center on Harwood Rd in Bedford (at Central). I arrived around 12:30 and the place was hopping. Many seats were taken, and a number of takeout orders sat on the counter. I got into line and started reading the specials and meals written out on the whiteboard behind the counter. The place is small, but bright and homey and clean. It is a family-run business.

The menu has explanations in both English and Spanish. The friendly, talkative woman behind the counter spoke both languages fluently. I decided on the sopes meal al pastor (with rice and beans for $4.95) and a Mexican coke. I paid my bill and sat to wait for my food, which was brought to my table in about five minutes.

The Mexican coke was interesting and very good. It substitutes cane sugar for the corn syrup used in our Coke. The sopes were handmade patties of masa, topped with beans, al pastor, lettuce, tomato and a small bit of queso fresco. The smell was incredible and I dug in with gusto, adding just a bit of salsa verde for kick. Wow, these were really good. I can't be a good judge of the meat, because I think there were so many other things on the sopes, the meat did not stand out on it's own. However, when I dug a piece out to taste on it's own, it was very flavorful. Tacos are a better way to go if you want to get the real flavor of the meat offered. With the rice and beans on the side, it was a very filling meal, and I had to take one of the two sopes home, I was so stuffed.

Cachitos offers tacos, burritos, tortas, chile rellenos, tostadas, sopes, taquitos and a few other offerings. Choices of meats include asada, pollo, lengua (tongue), al pastor, chorizo, carnitas, barbacoa, shredded pork and shredded beef. Next time I'm going for tacos to really sample the meat. They also offer homemade fruit waters, which change daily. Today's offerings were hibiscus flower, horchata and pineapple-coconut. They have a condiment bar which includes a choice of four salsas (the verde was incredibly flavorful with a little heat), onions, cilantro, jalapenos and radishes. Their soups are homemade and change daily. Pozole was on today's menu, with menudo being offered tomorrow.

They offer take out, as well as eat-in options. I highly recommend this little place, and I will return. I recommend you visit if you find yourself in the H-E-B area.

Cachitos Taqueria
2113 Harwood Rd
(817) 354-8226

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  1. Wow,that sounds good.Seems like a place I'd like to go to to try the food.Unfortunately i live in the San Antonio area,but I'm sure there are places like that here.

    1. Thanks for a well written and informative review.

      I wish I lived closer to this place.

      1. Thanks for the thoughtful and descriptive review.

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        1. re: Kirk

          You're very welcome!
          I always wonder why people choose to eat at chains when there are great little family-run places like this around.
          I figure if I write about it, maybe it will convince some folks to try it out.

        2. Excellent review. I do consider myself an expert on Mexican/Tex-Mex food, and just based on their offering ( tortas, sopes, barbacoa, lengua, pozole, menudo ) I put this at the more authentic Mexican end of the scale. I plan to give this one a try. People eat at chains because they are not adventurous, and they are afraid they are going to get something "bad" or something they won't like, and the reality is sometimes they will, but..Oh never mind, I can't explain it, but it's fine by me. While all the sheep who are too afraid to try a sope are standing in line to eat at Chipotle, I'll be at Cachitos ( or someplace like it ).

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          1. re: Steven T

            I'll be there too Steven. I'll take a small family-run business over a chain any day. If you do go there, let me know what you think, since your much more of an expert than I am.

          2. Went back today for a second lunch at Cachito's. Again, remember that I'm no expert when it comes to Mexican food, but I do know good food when I eat it.

            I showed up early, a little after 11am and the place was empty. This time I had a coupon for three tacos and a small drink for $3.80. The same wonderful woman who waited on me last time was there again. I was ordering take out for home this time.

            I stepped up to the counter and handed her my coupon. She was actually very pleased to see it. You can choose any of the meats I listed in my original post for the tacos. I decided on two carnitas and one carne asada. For the drink, I could choose a can of soda or a small fruit water. I chose the fruit water in pineapple-orange (they also had horchata).

            While I waited for my tacos, I strolled over to the salsa bar and was extremely pleased to see little lids with the plastic cups for salsa, so you could easily pack some to go. The condiments were the same as before, so I filled up four cups with fresh limes, fresh cilantro, salsa verde and a dark red salsa (probably salsa roja).

            My tacos were ready in about five minutes and I drove home with them smelling up the whole car with their goodness.

            First, the pineapple-orange fruit water. It was more pineapple than orange, but contained lots of orange pulp. Nice and tart-sweet and very light and refreshing. Served over ice. I'd get this again.

            The tacos were in what I figure was probably store-bought tortillas. They were double layered and had a very nice flavor of toasted corn.

            The carne asada taco was a bit dry. The meat did have good flavor though, a bit smokey and it was very tender. The chunks were very small. I ate this taco with cilantro and the red salsa, which was very spicy.

            I really liked the carnitas tacos. The meat managed to be both crispy and soft at the same time. The huge chunks were full of pork flavor and there were bits of fat to add that little punch of flavor, but not so much that it was overly greasy. I squirted some lime, and finished off with cilantro and salsa verde. To me, this was a sublime taco. The meat was everything I could ever want in a taco. Absolutely delicious and it makes me want to order carnitas every time I go there.

            A very filling and tasty lunch for just a few cents over four bucks. Tacos are usually $1.25 each. Seems like a fair price to me for what you get.

            Again, I recommend this place. Both the food and the service are outstanding.