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Oct 13, 2006 06:51 PM

Looking for egg custard tarts

Went to Macau easlier this year, had some fantastic small tarts filled with egg custard. Anyone know where to find them locally?

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  1. try this.

    best egg custards i've had in the states was at golden gate bakery in SF. waited an hour for those puppies but well worth it.

    1. Most chinese bakeries and dim sum places will have them.

      For dim sum restaurants try 888, Ocean Star or Sea Harbour ... all in the SGV.

      For bakeries, try Diamond Bakery ( ) and JJ Bakery (in Arcadia and Rowland Heights).

      There is also a little shack in Monterey Park that offers dim sum items on a to-go basis only, and they have pretty standard HK-style egg custard tarts. Place is called Dim Sum Express (326 N Garfield Ave
      Monterey Park,(626) 307-5800).

      Mmmm, "dan-ta" sounds like a great lunch item for a Friday afternoon ...

      1. Macau Street on Garvey in Monterey Park has by far the best egg tarts I've ever tasted. A crisp, million-layer crust, plenty of lard, perfectly smooth custard - 9 out of 10 times elsewhere, it curdles. And it's baked to order!

        1. I've seen 3 different styles of egg tarts - portugese, the tradition chinese flaky crust, and the shortbread crusted. I don't much like the little ones from dim sum places - too little filling, too much crust. I like them eggy.

          I preferred JJ's, but it's the shortbread type crust, which I am guessing wasn't much like the Macau ones. I can never tell much of a difference between the other two, other than by appearance. The portuguese style is more browned, almost like a creme brulee on top. Read that the portuguese style is a derivative of Nata, which you can also find in Portuguese bakery such as Nata, which I haven't checked out yet (


          Diamond Bakery (mentioned before) has both traditional and portuguese, and I believe the Kee Wah does also, if you are in the Rowland Heights area (near Sam Woo BBQ).

          1. Also remember that egg tarts come filled with both standard egg custard and Portugese egg custard. The egg tarts filled with Portugese egg custard tend to be smaller in size due to the richness of the custard, and have crisper shells and browned tops.

            Since Macau used to be a Portugese colony (settled in the 16th century), it's highly likely that the egg tart you had there was one filled with Portugese custard and not the standard Chinese custard. So if you visit any of the excellent bakeries/dim sum restaurants recommended in this thread, ask for the egg tarts filled with Portugese custard specifically.

            Good luck!

            - Chubbypanda