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Oct 13, 2006 06:45 PM

Peking Duck: Can I Ask For the Carcass?

A lot of times, it seems like restaurants don't give you all the meat on the duck when you order Peking Duck, just the skin with a little bit of the outer layer of meat attached. Some places use the meat to make additional dishes like a stir fry or soup that is also served to you, but a lot of places don't. At restaurants that don't give you additional duck dishes, can I ask to have the carcass so I can pick at it the next day, or is this frowned upon? My reasoning is that if I pay for Peking duck, I should be able to have the whole duck. I've had Peking duck many times where they just take the rest of the duck away after carving and I never see it again even though I could see there was still plenty of meat that could be extracted from the bird.

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  1. Hmmm. I've never seen anyone ask and I've eaten a lot of Peking Duck. My guess is that such a request would be frowned upon, but possibly acceded to. You can make a wonderful broth from the remnants of a roast duck, especially if you ask for extra juice when you buy it.

    1. that's all the meat that's on it, except for maybe a small amount that might be in the crevices and such. they don't hold anything back from it. you might be able to use it for stock, but the restraunt might do that as well.

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        1. If there is any real amount of meat left on the carcass after they carve it for you, you shouldn't frequent that restaurant. Everytime I've had Peking Duck the carcass came out pretty stinkin clean.

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            There are many ways of serving Peking duck. My favorite is to have just the crispy skin sliced without the meat. So, it's always best to ask the restaurant which style of service and accompaniments will be included to avoid surprises and/or disappointment. Here's a photo of a plate with just the skin and the appendages -

            Peking duck 2-ways @ The Kitchen, Millbrae -

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