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I know I am being a pest but I desperately need some feedback on upcoming trip to SF

As I posted before, I making reservations for a trip to SF in early November. I got some great responses and have lined up Luella, Myth and Frascati.

I am left with Thursday night for party of 6, I had hoped for the Slanted Door but am having trouble with times - too early or too late. Any suggestions on a good alternative within easy reach of BART? I wanted to be in the marketplace area if possible.

I also still have Saturday night unresolved, it will be a party of 8 and I would like something interesting - along the special occasion line, and not too noisey.

I'm not price senstive, but am running short on time for 8 on a Saturday.


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  1. Boulevard is right across the street.

    Also nearby are Aqua, Monte Cristo Cafe, One Market, Chaya Brasserie.

    1. Boulevard is a short walk from Bart or the Ferry Building. It's one of SF's best places on most people's lists.

      1 Mission St (at The Embarcadero)
      San Francisco, CA 94105

      1. Go to Boulevard by all means.

        I just went to Slanted Door the other day and was somewhat disappointed. I had been to their previous 2 locations and enjoyed it way more, I think they are starting to believe their own hype, and are charging an arm and a leg for it.

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          I've been to a few business lunches at the Ferry Building Slanted Door, some of the dishes and the wine list are still great, but I don't like anything else about the place.

        2. It might help if you posted the date for Saturday dinner.

          NOPA is a great place to get a last second res; they open up the lines at 2pm every day for that day. You have to call at 2pm sharp, though. They're large enough to accomodate eight. Food is great though I don't know if I'd call it "special."

          Incanto is another great place where you can often get a last minute res.

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            As a friend of mine learned yesterday, Nopa will accommodate eight, but any more and they will split your party into two tables. Also, it is very noisy. But I love everything about the place.

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              I also would call Nopa's food great. It's not wildly unusual, but those apple slices with almond butter and sea salt free amuse bouches they gave us were certainly "special". My husband would also say their Med. fish stew was special.

              Only trouble is that it gets a bit noisy. It wasn't really a problem until these 3 drunk matrons started screaming with laughter at the next table - but that could happen anywhere.

              One Market is a really lovely space with comfortable seating. The food used to be stellar, but don't know about now.

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                However, neither Nopa, nor Incanto are anywhere near BART or the Marketplace.

                1. re: Paul H

                  I was making recommendations for the Saturday dinner, not the Thursday one.

              2. Americano is close by and very good. Just ate there about two weeks ago.

                1. I haven't tried it but I would say Americano that was suggested above might be fun to try. It's in the relatively new Hotel Vitale, a boutque hotel near the Ferry Building. Might be a fun scene.

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                    I haven't eaten there either, but was there for drinks tonight, and scene is definitely the word. Don't know about the restaurant end, but the bar area was very noisy, and if you are over 40 you will be the oldest person there. Close to Embarcadero BART.

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                      Scene in the bar area is definitely the word indeed. I went for dinner a year ago and had a very mediocre meal. I won't go back unless there's a chef change or I hear improvements have been made.

                  2. Whoops, someone suggested I post the date for the Saturday, it is November 11.

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                      FWIW, Open Table shows space for 8 that night for Azie, which is a bit of a walk or short cab ride from Embarcadero, and which I'd call interesting. LuLu, next door to Azie, also has space, but it is quite noisy. (and I like the food and bar better at Azie). Other than that, I don't see too much available that night other than very late or early (don't forget for some of us it is a holiday weekend), and that meets your parameters...one more possibility with space on Open Table: Acme Chop House, which I like, but which has a fairly straight forward meat and potatoes menu (so am not sure I would call it 'interesting'). The Acme location in the ball park makes it fun, though of course (sigh), the Giants season is already long over....

                      I'd say you should make Saturday night reservations fairly quickly, whatever you choose. and as is pointed out below, not all available reservations will be on Open Table even if a restaurant participates.

                    2. I've been out of the food loop for the past few years, but I am sure there are Vietnamese places with food just a tad below Slanted Door for much less money. I'm just not up on where they are. SF CH's, how about some advice?

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                        There are Vietnamese restaurants with food as good or better than Slanted Door's for less money, but they're not as special-occasiony. And Slanted Door's food is better than the other upscale Vietnamese / Vietnamese-fusion places.

                      2. I thought my post was asking for some of those Vietnamese restaurants with better food than SD. We are dependent upon the wisdom of the culinary cognociente (sp). Could we have some names and addresses, please?

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                          Bodega Bistro. You can look up the address -- it's on Larkin St. a few blocks north of Civic Center. If you do a search there are lots of reports on it. It may not be as special occasiony as SD, but it's nice enough.