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Oct 13, 2006 06:07 PM

any good boston spots to find 'food science'?

i was just reading the latest issue of gourmet, and i was quite intrigued by the article about the somewhat newish entity of the food scientist/chef. the article highlighted a few of the best, in places like chicago, DC, and new york, if i remember correctly, but there was no mention of boston chefs. can anyone recommend somewhere where i might find some really fascinating dishes? i realize price might be an object, but i'd like to at least find out which restaurants might be doing this in boston.


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  1. I heard that Pino Maffeo at Restaurant L was doing some stuff a while back but has since stopped.

    Boston is very much behind in terms of food trends like that. Chicago is the clear leader of molecular gastronomy. You'll have to go to Alinea in Chi, WD-50 in NY, or el bulli in Barcelona for that sort of food.

    1. I don't know of any real "science food, space food, future food, molecular gastronomy, and hypermodern cooking" places in Boston, but there are chef's that experiment with a lot of reductions and use of concentrated flavor agents like curry oil. The combinations are unique and unusually delicious. I would recommend Catch in Winchester, as one very successful example. Here's the web site - take a look at their menu:

      FYI, here's a previous discussion of the Anthony Bourdain show on El Bulli (Decoding Ferran Adria) - definitely worth watching if you want to get more info on this type of cooking. It's been on The Travel Channel, and is availabe on DVD.

      Some more on the subject Re: Steingarten's review of Blumenthal in Vogue:

      1. thanks for the response. alinea and WD-50 were both mentioned in the article, as was ferran adria (can't remember if el bulli was specifically cited). i have a good friend in barcelona... maybe i should take a visit!

        thanks for the links. i'll check them out. catch in winchester looks yummy, indeed.

        1. El Bulli it isn't, but Clio is occasionally in the ballpark.

          On a recent visit when we ordered the tasting menu, we were served "L2N Gazpacho": they brought a pushcart to our table and mixed gazpacho with liquid nitrogen, turning it into a sorbet.

          1. I've heard that Dante de Magistris at his restaurant called, appropriately, Dante is doing some interesting things. Haven't experienced it for myself, though.