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Oct 13, 2006 05:55 PM

Front Door Problems at Peasant

Any other New Yorkers have a good food but awful experience at Peasant?

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  1. No, but have at their sister (?) restaurant at Apizz. Excellent food, appalling service.

    1. What do you mean Front DOOR? Do you mean FOH? Front of House, or is there a nasty hostess/bouncer/doorperson?

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      1. re: chow_gal

        oh, yeah, I mean the maitre d - She has been there forever and I have over the years heard of her - but then i got to experience it myself. Pity, i liked the food

      2. I'm heading there for the first time next weekend for a special occasion. What exactly went wrong??

        Any ordering suggestions? Desserts?

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        1. re: melodyt1313

          The maitre d is tall, pretty, well groomed and since it opened 5 years ago I had heard about her demenor. But I did not think she was still there or how true it is - "you are late, I can sit you but you have to be out by 8. Yeah, you have to be by 8 pm" - We had a 6 pm reservation on a Sunday night for 3 ppl. We were 16 min. late. We were definately late but the room was pretty empty and never filled up. We stayed, we ate, we paid $300 with tip and as we were leaving the host came up and said, "We really had to move everything around for you guys, but i hope you enjoyed it" - There was no thank you when we left, no goodbyes, and few people. Space at the bar. It was just really weird but from reading other reviews and talking with friends - completely accurate for a night out at Peasant.

        2. Yikes, that sounds horrible... I can't change my plans, but I'll make sure I'm on time... I don't want to get scolded before I drop $200-plus on a meal... That may be worth complaining to the owner. That's just horrible customer service.

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          1. re: melodyt1313

            We really did enjoy our food though and our waiter was helpful - -wine was great - but i am asking around with friends in the neighborhood and alot of people have a bad feeling about how Peasant handles the door.

            1. re: sucka4service

              Next time politely tell her, "Because you're working the door doesn't mean you treat everbody walking in like a doormat". I'm dropping 200-300 dollars on a meal. Some respect is in order.

          2. The original comment has been removed