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Oct 13, 2006 05:49 PM

Going to Old World Village Oktoberfest tonight...any recs?

Hey guys/gals im gonna check out this oktoberfest tonight. Is there anything special about this place? anything you guys would recommend i get? I'm hoping this place isnt horrible as far as food...

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  1. During the dot-com boom, I worked close to Old World Village and used to visit it every other week or so for lunch. But I LIKE heavy, German food! I love the fact that they serve their thinly-sliced rye bread with liverwurst AND butter. I remember the lamb shanks were especially good with spaetzle and red cabbage... Dessert-wise, is there is a strudel, you are good. Don't go with any of the cakes as they taste like Costco overly sweet things.

    1. i have very little experience with german you know if they offer the standard dinner menu during the oktoberfest? and the food that you mentioned, is it a standard set entree or do i have request things? i saw on their website that they mention kielbasa and saurkraut but not much else as far as food.

      And a good strudel does sound really good...especially after a beer or two haha

      1. If you're going to Old World for Oktoberfest, expect a wait. Waits as long as two hours for an hour or so of time inside aren't uncommon. Having said that, it can be worth it if you like German food and fun. As one would expect, the beer is pretty good, and there are few dishes that they really mess up.

        You should have a great time. Just bring a book or some cards and make sure you're going with fun people.

        - Chubbypanda

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          wow it really gets that packed? i plan on getting there around 8:30 to 9 tonight with other friends that will be there at 8

          If the wait is that long hopefully i can get in line with them.

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            Oh yeah. Totally gets that packed. We went a few weeks ago. I was nicely buzzed when we got there and stone cold sober by the time we got inside, which enabled me to sample more types of beer. Yay! Was a lot of fun, though.

            In addition to reading or entertainment material, I'd also bring nice thick jackets, and maybe a sweater too. An hour into the wait, the ladies were all wearing our jackets. I was the only guy not shivering 'cause I had a backup sweater. MUWAHAHAHA!

            Umm... Yeah. Bring warm things for the wait.

            - Chubbypanda


        2. I just went last week. If you have dinner at the adjacent German restaurant, you can buy the tickets from the waiter and bypass the long line - that's what we did. It's definitley worth it.

          Being German myself, I have to say that the food at the restaurant is definitley not the best German food, but not too bad. We had the Schweinebraten (Pork) with gravy, which I would not recommend - the meat was good, but the gravy tasted like from a can. The Wiener Schnitzel (veal, not pork) was pretty good, though. Later that night we also had a Bratwurst from one of the stands, which hit the spot (the amount of beer we had might have impacted our judgement, though). Try the Weihenstephaner Weissbier at one of the stands. It's very good beer that you don't get often here in the US.