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Oct 13, 2006 05:39 PM

Breakfast/Brunch Spot in or Near Culver City

Parents are in town and would like to take them to a casual breakfast/brunch before they head down to Orange County. We are near National and Castle Heights. Any suggestions? Would prefer something that won't have a horrendous wait at around 10. Many thanks.

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  1. S&W Country Diner in downtown Culver City. First class restaurant, especially for breakfast.

    1. Bluebird Cafe
      8572 National Blvd, Culver City

      1. I don't know if it is different at 10:00, but S & W always seems to me to have a long line. Bluebird Cafe is a very nice little place, and never has much of a line, if that's a deciding factor. (It is on National below Washington.) S & W has a greater range of breakfast choices, though.

        1. S & W will probably have a line down the block, so I wouldn't bother with them.

          Bluebird's Cafe is a cozy little spot and has good food, but the atmosphere is not great (right on National in the middle of an industrial block with deserted railroad tracks it's a bit humble, shall we say. Depends on what your parents will

          Two places in the area we like to eat at are La Dijonaise in the Helms Building on Washington and Helms and Cafe Laurent, on Overland Blvd., south of Culver. Both are French themed, but offer standard things like eggs, omelettes, french toast, etc.

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            Can't argue that the atmosphere outside of Bluebird is great, right on a busy stretch of National. But the industrial block is really quite interesting -- the new architecture that has gone in the past couple of years has drawn a lot of notice, and is interesting to even those of us not terribly eductad in architecture.

            It wouldn't keep me from Bluebird, of which I am fond, but I would also second La Dijonaisse nearby, for a good breakfast or lunch. (Once upon a time La Dijonaisse was in the spot that Bluenird is now.)

            Surfas Cafe is right there too, and is good eats, but really not much of a place to sit and eat.

            1. re: NAspy

              Thanks everyone. I think we will try La Dijonaise.

            2. Another vote for La Dijonnaise. Their Croque Madame was good enough to return for again and again. It's like a crunchy grilled cheese with ham, with more cheese lightly browned and melted on top plus a fried egg, over easy on top of all of that. I know, sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. The baked goods are great too.