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Oct 13, 2006 05:28 PM

[SAT] Best Burgers?

I've had:

Bobby J's - Fair
Chester's - Good
Cheesy Janes - VERY Good

I like big/juicy and no more than medium.

Where are the best in town? Chris Madrids, Murf's, Sam's, Longhorn Cafe, Lord's Kitchen, Bigz, Flip, elsewhere?


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  1. Chris Madrids Macho Tostada Burger with both kinds of salsa. Hands down the winner.


    Haven't tried Big'z yet, have heard mixed reviews.

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    1. re: saeyedoc

      Agree completely with saeyedoc, Chris Madrids, hands down!

      I usually order the plain ole one without chesse, even tho I like cheese, this ones the best. But recently, I tried the Tostada Burger and it was excellent. Their patties are thin, which is another reason I love them.
      I didnt care for Longhorns much. I used to like Chesters. I am always comparing anything with Chris Madrids, so ususally dont order burgers ANYWHERE except CM. And the french fries, skin on, are great also.

    2. Surprised nobody has mentioned Brenda's Burgers 932-1177
      you can actually identify all the ingredients in her burgers ... compete well w/ Cheesy Jane's w/o the extra bucks for nostalgia.
      3837 SW Military @ Carmel (on the N side of the street, just E of the railroad bridge on the SW corner where SW Military turns E.)
      M-Tu-W 10-17, Th 10-20 / F-Sa 10-21 / Su 11-20
      Great & cheap - CASH ONLY - busy at mealtimes
      for example, last time I was there:
      Barry's Special: onions & Japs $2.95
      Dbl Meat: $3.15 w/ cheese & Japs 4.15
      Lg Burger $2.15


      Chris Madrid's is an institution ... greasier than Bobby J's ... so if you don't like grease running down your arm ... stick w/ Cheesy Jane's or Brenda's.

      Chester's is the best you can get w/ a good selection of beers.

      Although the burgers at The Flying Saucer (11255 Huebner @The Strand 647-7468 (PINT) are presentable & they have an even better selection of beers & wines.

      1. Just a straight up greasy Chris Madrid's burger!

        1. EdL hit the nail on the head - Brenda's is a very good burger that most San Antonian's will never taste (due to its location). Order a malt with your burger and fries, and tell 'em you'll get it to go. Stick with the Double Barry with cheese and ask them to grill the japs. You'll find plenty of blue suiters from Lackland and the old Security Hill aound 11:30, so arrive early or be disappointed. And don't forget to get that malt you paid for...

          1. Recently went to Big'z, the new burger joint on 1604 and Bitters. I thought the burgers were very tasty with lots of gooey melted cheese, good fries and onion rings as well. Worth a try.