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Oct 13, 2006 04:52 PM

Seeking bargain-ish sushi near Pearl Harbor

I'm headed back to Oahu next week on business...I always have breakfast at Sam Choy's BLC, I'm considering Mekong Thai after reading good recs here, and I'm looking for a decent bargain sushi place, preferably near Pearl Harbor (while I'll be staying).

Any suggestions? Is Genki Sushi on Kam Hwy any good?

And any general suggestions? I'll likely eat a mixed plate from the Ward Center, or a burger from Kua'aina as well.


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  1. For you & the other poster asking about Oahu sushi, Mitch's gets great reviews - I still haven't been there yet...

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    1. re: torta basilica

      I have been there twice and it is some of the BEST I have ever had. GO!

    2. Mitch's is wonderful but it is not a budget sushi spot. You can expect to spend less than a real high-end place like Yohei but it will still be much more than Genki. Genki is acceptable for the price.

      1. Genki's is ok. I really like Catch of the Day, across the Kam from Genki's. It is one of those places that have sushi floating around on little boats, but you can have it made fresh. I have never had a bad piece of sushi there.

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        1. re: clarecat

          catch of the day across from genki's closed. there's another in kaimuki, but thats a ways from pearl