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Oct 13, 2006 04:29 PM

Zuni website and burgers

I am trying Zuni next week and am trying to find a little bit out about their menu, as I am very impatient like that. Am I right in concluding that they don't have a website? Or is there one that for some reason Google can't find?
Also, I have heard that in addition to the chicken, the burger is the thing to try. Is this avaiable at dinner or is it only a lunch thing?

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  1. Zuni does not have a Web site, unles you count their OpenTable page:

    The burger's available before 6pm (maybe 5pm on Sunday?) and after 10pm.

    The menu changes daily but there are sample lunch and dinner menus here:

    Regular every-day items include the Caesar salad, burger, chicken, and bowl of polenta (bland, for kids or invalids). There's almost always a fritto misto.

    1. Just had the zuni burger today with heirloom tomatoes ($1.50 supplement) today and it's awesome. I was hoping to get the chicken but couldn't wait the hour. The burger is indeed amazing. Perhaps the best burger I've had to date.

      It's going to create problems now. I may be forced to get the burger AND the chicken from now on.

      1. This link will take you to a sample Zuni lunch menu and a sample dinner menu (from October) -- the menus change daily.

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          That's a masked version of the same Menupages URL I posted above.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I didn't use Tiny Url to mask the page, Robert, just to make it shorter. I didn't see your link -- just saw the Open Table link and then, I guess, scanned the rest of the page without really looking at the info. Sorry about that.