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Oct 13, 2006 04:22 PM

Sunday Brunch- Mill Valley- Sausalito

Rec's for Brunch in the MV area for Sunday , Not too Expensive

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  1. Toast is my current favorite for brunch in the area. Be prepared for a wait, no matter what time you go.

    1. For a diner-ish ambiance, there's BaySide Cafe in Sausalito right before the MV exit; the old stand-by Dipsea Cafe on Shoreline Hwy in MV; Fred's on Bridgeway in Saus. Then, the real diner experience -- Denny's in Corte Madera just off the 101.

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      1. re: Sarah

        In defense of Denny's - their hashbrowns have (almost) always been wonderful, and that is my basic criterion for breakfast. Eggs, bacon and toast are the same wherever you go - barring incompetence or pretension, and breakfast (at all hours) is the main reason for Denny's existence. When I'm on the road with a day's drive ahead of me, I welcome the sight of a Denny's.

        1. re: Sharuf

          I still remember fondly my Denny's poached eggs: two raw eggs in a bowl of tepid water! It was a real eye-opener!

      2. try sartaj in sausalito on the local strip (caledonia st)

        their spicy indian eggs, indian omelet, pancake are really tasty. its just like home cooked food (in fact it is, since a punjabi family runs this place)


        p.s> am not connected to the place but am a frequent customer

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        1. re: dlobo

          Hi dlobo,

          Thanks for the tip. So info doesn't get lost in this thread, if you read this could you use this link to tell us what else you like at Sartaj (and what to skip if you are a regular).