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Oct 13, 2006 03:58 PM

filipino in pdx?

seeing all the discussion about filipino food in seattle/honolulu etc., does anyone know where to find filipino food (good, mediocre, anything!) in pdx?

i've had adobo at both Uwajimaya in beaverton and Taste of Bali in downtown pdx. Taste of Bali also has Pancit thursdays which i have yet to test out.

i'm a filipina originally from jersey city nj - a mecca for filipinos! filipino eateries are in abundance over there, maybe out of sheer necessity. i could use some good lumpia out here.

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  1. To my knowledge, nothing. Definitely nothing like Barrio Fiesta or some of the other standards down in the SF Bay Area where I lived for 10-12 years.

    There is a "Malaysian" restaurant downtown, but the gentleman's accent sounds a lot like my Filipino uncles. In fact, I think on Thursday's they serve Pancit, Adobo and Halo Halo. It's a clean place, run by a nice old couple, but the food was just OK.

    Taste of Bali
    947 SW Broadway
    Portland, OR 97205
    (503) 224-2254

    There is a "Manila Express" in old Tigard. Tried it once and was sorely disappointed. I understand that like the myriad of dialects spoken in the P.I., there are an equivalent amount of variations of Adobo and Pancit, however, the flavor was flat out bland, the cleanliness questionable, and the display was not exactly appealing (flies, old dried food, etc).

    Years ago, my father ran a little nieghborhood market on SE 14th and Stark. In the back he had a little Filipino "plate lunch" deli set up and a catering service. Lumpia, Apritada, Adobo, Sinigang, Diniguan (for you in "the know") etc. Was a good little business until I (then an 8th grader)was held up at gunpoint while tending the register for him. 3 Months later he sold the place and never looked back, though he had similar businesses in the SF Bay Area as well as Yakima where there is a substantial Filipino community.

    Have been meaning to elaborate on this memory/thought for the other Filipino food thread, but would end up writing a novel. In a perfect world, I'd figure out how to market Filipino food to the masses of PDX and resurrect my dad's recipes. of these days when I can afford to throw money at a venture with a high rate of failure...

    Welcome to Portland cobblegal. If you want- I'll kick you down some of the 100 lumpia my Nana just rolled for my 1 year old's birthday party...

    1. I'll make you some lumpia... I've been told its the best :)

      1. luckily i'll be in jersey city for thanksgiving, and i'm certain to load up on lumpia then. :)

        1. OK, it pains me to post such fuzzy info, but I have been told that there is a teriyaki joint at Murray & Cornell that also has Filipino food. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks, but you did say "good, mediocre, anything!" :)

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          1. re: jeff_pdx

            I think you're talking about Kauai Island Grill, Their menu looks to be mostly Hawaiian, though.

            1. re: Kristi

              No, I know Kauai Island is not what my source was referring to...

              1. re: jeff_pdx

                OK, talked to my source. :^) It's closer to Saltzman than Murray, and we think it's the Teriyaki Beef Bowl:


          2. There is a place on SE Foster and about 60th. I always mention it, but I've never heard anyone report back. Because I can never remember the name, I stopped by on my way home today and picked up a menu and card:

            Tambayan Restaurant
            6014 SE Foster

            I haven't tried it. Filipino food is not among my favorite cuisines. However, they do have a full menu. I'll just give a selection of items (the terms they're using are a little different from what I'm used to seeing on menus, perhaps someone can make better sense of it):

            Lumpiang Sariwa (fresh veggie rolls) $2
            "Tokwa't Baboy" (pork and tofu) $5.50
            "Sisig" (broiled pork and ear -- advanced order) $5.50

            Adobong Baboy $4.35
            Kare-kare (rich stew of beef and veggies in peanut sauce) $6.50
            Dinuguan $4.35
            Lechon Kawali (deep fried pork belly-rind crisp) $5
            Crispy pata (deep fried pata w/ crunchy rind and soft meat) $7
            Menudo (rich dish w/ sauce flavored by onions, tomatoes, bell peppers) $4.35
            Binagoongan na baboy $4.35
            Sinigang na Baboy/Baka/Hipon (pork/beef/shrimp, a sour cream soup made with meat, veggies, and tamarind) $4.35/$5.35/$6
            Nilagang baboy/baka (flavored and boiled meat with veggies) $4.35/$5.35
            Puchero Baka (beef stew with pork and beans) $6.50
            Hilabos na hipon (shrimp cooked with 7-up instead of wine) $6
            Fried Tilapia $5

            monggo (sauteed mung beans cooked w/ pokr or beef) $3.75
            Pritong talong (6 slices) $2

            RICE, NOODLES, and SOUP
            Pancit palabok $4.25
            Bijon guisado (sauteed rice noodles) $4.25

            DESSERTS and SNACKS
            Ice cream (Filipino flavors) $3
            Halo-halo $3
            Mais con yelo $2.50
            Puto (sweet steamed cakes) $1.50/slice
            Kutchinta $.25

            And this is only a portion, a little more than half, the menu. A couple obvious worries going in: 1) there's a lot of different stuff for such a small and non-busy restaurant which brings into question freshness, 2) they're probably under-pricing their dishes basing those prices on what they would pay rather than what is appropriate in the marketplace and for their business's well-being, 3) unless you know your Filipino food you may be in for some suprises because the menu is not geared towards gringos.

            However, it does appear to be at least partly a market, as well, so perhaps there is better turnover of goods than if they were just a restaurants. And the prices are so low, it's not much of a risk. I'd be willing to go with someone who knows their Filipino food better than me (which wouldn't be saying much since I've primarily eaten it on trips to Hawaii).

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            1. re: extramsg

              thanks for this info. i'd heard there was some sort of filipino fast food joint somewhere on foster so this must be it. i'm most interested in the market - i'll have to check it out. (i wonder if they sell avocado ice cream).

              i'll try to check out the suggestions in neighboring towns as well. extramsg, i hope you can find indulge in some quality lumpia sometime - because like you, filipino isn't my favorite cuisine (and i grew up in a filipino-american household) but lumpia is hands down one of my top 10 favorite foods. :)

              1. re: cobblegal

                There's not much to the market. I imagine the ones that are out Beaverton way are much better.

                1. re: extramsg

                  Last night my boyfriend and I, very excitedly, visited Tambayan for the first time. It was awesome! We ordered spring rolls, lechon kawali, pancit palabok, and chicken adobo. It was all really good. Nothing was lacking in flavor and there were large portions. The atmosphere of the restaurant really made you feel like you were getting a home-cooked meal. Everything is brought out on different plates and you get your own clean plates to dish up whatever for yourself. We even watched Wowowee while eating. My favorite part of the meal though was the halo halo. My biggest pet peeve when going to "filipino" restaurants is when they make the halo halo with regular milk and ube jam, instead of evaporated milk and ube ice cream... and Tambayan made it the right way. All in all, it was a great experience and we're going back next week to try the dinuguan and the talapia (and of course more halo halo).

                  1. re: extramsg

                    there's a filipino market just south of se 72nd on harold (around the corner from arleta café), here's the google map link.

                    it's a very small store but, after moving my girlfriend here from florida, i was super stoked to find even this. they have mostly snacks (boy corn nuts, shrimp chips, etc, pancit noodles, condiments (mang tomas, etc), most of which any asian market has, however, it's something.

                    tambayan...haven't been, probably going tonight with my girlfriend and her sister who's visiting. will let you know how it is. the reviews so far sound great. i'd love to have more pancit, lechon, lumpia, bicol express, halo halo, etc. here in portland.


                    1. re: jurnaa

                      I've been going every Sunday and it's great so far. Here's some pictures of the palabok and the lechon kawali. My favorite, though, has been the dinuguan.

                      1. re: SauceSupreme

                        wow, that lechon looks great, as well as the palabok. nice photos too! didn't make it last night but, am taking my girlfriend and her sister tonight (pilipinas). every sunday huh, sounds like a great place to be on a sunday.