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Oct 13, 2006 03:50 PM

Looking for a Wedding Caterer who specializes in Mediterranean.

Has anyone ever used Dionysus' Kitchen as a caterer? I am looking for a caterer in the Baltimore area for my wedding that specializes in Mediterranean food that isn't extremely pricy and allows me to supply my own wines. Thanks!

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  1. That is funny, I was going to suggest Dionysus Kitchen to you. The bakery i work for has worked with him in the past. Never had his food so can't say personally. Have you tried Linwoods. They might be pricier than you are thinking but might be worth a try.

    1. Another option might be Lebanese Taverna. I found that they were a bit less expensive than Dionysus, and the food was definitely a cut above the usual wedding food. They are based in Arlington, but I believe that they are opening a place in Baltimore soon.

      1. The good thing about Dionysus Kitchen is they have a local kitchen and commissary and a good staff. I used to know the owner, and he ran a good operation.

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          This is way past due...however I just wanted to mention that we are going with Dionysus for our Reception. At the tasting meeting the food was just fabulous. The wedding is in October, I will let you know how the food was!