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Oct 13, 2006 03:48 PM

huitlacoche and flores de calabaza on LI (or Queens)

Can anyone point me to a place selling Mexican groceries, specifically huitlacoche (is fresh available?) and flores de calabaza. I'd prefer Nassau County, but I'm willing to travel.

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  1. In Suffolk, just over the line in south Huntington, you can get flores de calabaza at Fonda Coyoacan. I ate there on Monday and had a great meal. They were on the specials board,so you might want to call before you go. 631-547-7259

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      And I have had huitlachoche quesadillas there, though it is no longer on the regular menu. Occasionaly turns up as a special.

    2. Thanks Stuart, I've been there but I'm looking for a place to buy the the ingredients myself.

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        The C-Town supermarket on New York Avenue (South of Pulaski) is heavily stocked with hispanic ingredients. I bought fresh culantro and ajicitos dulces there. I wouldn't hold my breath on fresh huitlachoche, given our geographical location and demographics. If you find it -- please report back!

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          I saw canned flores de calabaza in the Mexican supermarket on 102nd St and National Ave in Corona when I was in there last week. It was about $5 for a 28 or 29 oz can. They had smaller ones available, but not much cheaper.