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Oct 13, 2006 03:44 PM

New Thai Westside

Last night I went to Naraya... a tranquil little Thai restaurant on Robertson just north of Pico. It's a small place on the east side of the street, but it's easy to miss. While I enjoy the energy at the nearby Natalee location, I really enjoyed the quiet tranquility of this little spot.

We only tried appetizers on this visit, but I will definitely be back for dinner. We tried Golden Pouches (with Rock Shrimp), Duck Tacos, Calamari & Rock Shrimp, Asian Tamale and Andaman Soft Shell Crab. The flavors were all very full and clean--the sauces are great--and I left with a warm, wonderful flavor buzz in my mouth all the way home! We realized we ordered only fried apps... they have delicious-sounding non-fried too, but sometimes one can't help oneself.

The service was very attentive and gracious, and the prices are reasonable for the level of cuinsine they're producing.

I drove by Natalee on the way home... they were packed. Unfortunately Naraya was not busy at all... they're food and service are definitely worth a try.

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  1. Hello.. I'm guessing that Naraya now occupies the spot where the very tasty Joyce's formerly stood? Funny, can't recall whether Joyce's was chinese or thai, but glad to hear a new place has taken over that spot... I can see Tuk Tuk and Talesai Cafe being their competition, but it amazes me that Natalee does such brisk business. In that area, Natalee is to thai food as Crazy Fish is to sushi: irrelevant.

    1. I enjoy Talesai, but haven't tried Tuk Tuk yet... will do so soon. As for location, I'm not sure where Joyce's was but this one is at 1128 S. Robertson Blvd. There's also something new (at least it looked new) next door to this location... I think it was a gelato place (it wasn't open when I was there).

      1. I went over the weekend and thought it was wonderful. Loved the space, settings, attentive service. We tried the salmon cakes, avocado wrapped fish balls and Vietnamese shrimp handrolls (served in shot glasses- nice presentation) as appetizers. I had the rib eye for lunch which was nicely flavored with the fried basil. I would have prefered the steak not have been pre-sliced however. My friends had the fried catfish and tamarind salmon (also fried). They were tasty looking. For desert, we finished with the warm flourless chocolate cake served with ice cream. It was also served with a whole sliced orange and strawberry. The giant half-circle sugar wall was amazing! I don't know if they do that regularly or if it's because my friend is a "regular" (she's been a few other times) and it was her birthday.