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Oct 13, 2006 03:15 PM

BYO in Phila Burbs

Looking for a BYO ideas/recommendations in the Philly Burbs (within 40mins to Drexel Hill) to take DH for his bday next weekend. Reservations a must, and not seafood, please. TIA!

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  1. If you like Indian, there's Khajuraho in Ardmore. It's a teeny bit old inside, but the food is the best Indian I've had in my life. And the decor is very.. interesting.

    Media has Nadia Thai (formerly Nooddi, the noodle bar) it's good for noodles and Thai food, and there's Margaret Kuo's Peking, though I'm not sure that that's a BYO.

    1. Carmine's Creole Cafe in Narberth is great.

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        I second Carmines. Great restaurant, one of Craig LeBan's top picks in the area. I have not tried but I heard they just started a chef tasting menu which could be fun for a special occasion. Only drawback is long waits...

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          Carmine's is fabulous. If you order the tasting menu you can make a reservation.

      2. Definitely Carmine's- I love it everytime I'm there! Have only had the tasting menus since they take reservations. Also, if any food issues they are very accomodating at substituting something appropriate for a course. It's $40 per person

        1. A couple dissents: I felt decidedly underfed by Carmine's tasting menu. The regular menu is spectacularly good, and provides normal portions. But the night we had the tasting menu, we got little bitty bites of 5 different dishes (and the salad was made with what seemed to be a frozed tomato).

          And for Indian in that neighborhood, give a try to Jewel of India on Lancaster. Some excellent Southern Indian dishes, and (IMO) better food (if less *interesting* decor) than Khajuraho.

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            FWIW, I did not like Jewel of India at all. Their rice in particular was very bland. It's worth a try I guess, people seem to like it, but definitely try Khajuraho as well.