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Oct 13, 2006 03:09 PM

another Greek Fest, Arlington -- this weekend!

The Greek Church in Arlington, St Athanasius, is having another Greek Festival (same as earlier this year but inside, the nice lady on the phone told me).

Fri + Sat 11 - 10, Sun 12-6


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    Wish I knew how to edit the original post.

    Despite what I was told on the phone, this was NOTHING like the Spring one. No roasted meats, very limited menu, deeply disorganized. Nice people, but clearly the folks who run the Spring version so brilliantly were not involved in this one. Sorry for the misinformation.

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      Editing window is only 2 hours now. Thanks for following up.

    2. Thanks for the update, Gretchen! I was thinking about it for tomorrow but now I'll take a pass.

      1. This weekend there is also an Armenian bazaar at St. James in Watertown. They're doing kebab plates according to all the signs that are up. I haven't been in, so I don't know what else they're offering.