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Oct 13, 2006 02:50 PM

Great Restaurant in Providence

I am visiting Providence next Saturday just for the evening. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant that has great food and wine (price doesn't matter) but that we don't have to get super dressed up since we will be walking around in the late afternoon.

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  1. There are lots of great restaurants in Providence. Any type of cuisine in particular?

    W/out any other info to go on, I'd recommend Chez Pascal or maybe New Rivers?

    1. Cuisine? I guess probably seafood or a good steak. Since we will only be there one night I don't want anything like Sushi, Chinese or Indian. I was looking at 3 Steeplestreet (but seemed more of a lunch spot?) , Aquaviva Eurobistro (but no website) and Hemenways (overrated?)...

      I will look into Chez Pascal and New Rivers... thanks for the tip...!

      1. If you are looking for good steak and are downtown Providence area, try XO Steakhouse on North Main St.

        1. 3 Steeple St is good, solid food, but nothing exciting. Not what I recommend to visitors. Aquaviva has since shut down (the owner has opened something new and unremarkable in that spot but I don't know that they even serve dinner). Hemenway's is well-prepared seafood, nothing fancy - 15 yrs ago it was the expense account restaurant of choice for many businesspeople. I like it, although I haven't been in years so I can't vouch for what it's like now.

          XO is a good choice, as is Providence Prime on Atwells (both for steak). For seafood, Providence Oyster Bar (sister restaurant to Prov Prime, next door to it on Atwells). I think a lot of people would suggest Ten Prime Steak & Sushi, so I'll add it here to be fair, but I'm not a fan....of the food or the atmosphere.

          Read reviews at, but double-check here or w/a phonecall...they're not good about updating things like closed restaurants.

          1. There are lots of very good restaurants in Providence. However, of all of the places I have been in town, I think there are three that are solidly above the rest, in my humble opinion only:

            - Neath's (a French-Cambodian fusion)
            - Mill's Tavern (American)
            - Gracies (American)

            I know several people who put "New Rivers" into that group as well to make four, but I haven't been sufficiently impressed, especially for the price. A few others I know put "Sienna" on Federal Hill on the list as well to make five, and I think it's really very good and enjoyable, but not as special as the three above.

            Your miles may vary...

            - Garris
            Providence, RI