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Oct 13, 2006 02:33 PM


I am looking for a buffet that is T accessible, reasonably priced,and has crab legs. Can anyone help?

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  1. From where you are in Malden the T can get you somewhat close to Jin's in Saugus, although I don't know how to give you exact directions. The buffet there is around $20 though (different pricing weekends and weekdays, lunch/dinner). I believe the weekend buffet has snow crab legs, but don't know about the weekday.

    One other thought I had was International Buffet down in Quincy. I am pretty certain they have snow crab legs and it looks walkable from Quincy Center. I think the buffet is around $15.

    Hudson Super Buffet definately has them and is less expensive, but certainly not T-able.

    1. I don't think Jin's in Saugus is at all accessible without a car. You'd have to walk along Route 1, and AFAIK there aren't any sidewalks or safe ways to do it.

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        That section of Route 1 does have a place to walk (I have gone to Saugus on the T before). However, coming from Malden the bus goes to Square 1 mall which is north of Jin's and on the other side of route 1. I think you would have to take the bus that goes down to the Northgate mall a bit to the East of Route 1, then cut across to route 1 at the exit just north of Jin's -- not easy unless you get a knowlegeable bus driver. Or take a taxi from the mall. The Kappy's is also walkable from Granada Highlands (another bus from Malden I think), but Jin's would be a hike and not necessarily worth it.

      2. Its been years since i went but TinTin buffet in brighton used to have them at dinner. (we used to call it rintintin!)

        1. International Buffet in Quincy is $17 and is on a bus route (not sure which one though). It definitely has crab legs and many other seafood options.

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            International Buffet got busted for hiring illegal immigrant. Not sure are they open.

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              They only closed for two days, and then found a new group of illegals to open with :) It's not easy to walk there from Quincy Center, but the Route 225 bus goes right by, and it's a pretty decent schedule.